YouTube Finally Lets You Zoom Into Videos

YouTube has finally allowed users to zoom into videos, making it easier for viewers to get a closer look. The feature was first introduced in 2013 but was removed a few months later because it wasn’t working as intended. According to YouTube, the new zoom feature “makes it easy to see details and see what’s going on in a video even if you’re not close to the TV.” The new zoom feature can be found under the “tools” section of the main YouTube screen.

YouTube has long been known for its neat, tidy videos. But now users can finally zoom into videos to get a closer look. The new zoom feature is available on desktop and mobile devices and lets users enlarge video by 50%. YouTube says the feature was developed to make it easier for viewers to get a better understanding of what’s happening in a video.

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YT has long been known for its ability to let users zoom into videos, but until now it’s been a feature that’s been restricted to select users. Starting today, YouTube is finally available to everyone on desktop and mobile browsers. The new zoom feature lets you get a closer look at what’s happening in videos by magnifying the image up to 8x.

YouTube announced on Wednesday that it will finally let users zoom in and out of videos. The update, which is available for both desktop and mobile devices, lets users enlarge or shrink a video to see more or less of it at once. YouTube said the feature will be especially useful for people with disabilities who cannot easily view videos on their screens at their full size.

YT has long been known for its wide array of videos, but until now the platform has not allowed users to zoom in on specific parts of videos. This week, however, YouTube announced that it is finally adding this feature. With the new zoom feature, users can get a closer look at specific details in videos, such as a person’s face or a particular object.

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