Why Should you Avoid Unofficial Discount Code for Expensive Jewelry?

Why Should you Avoid Unofficial Discount Code for Expensive Jewelry?

When it comes to buying expensive jewelry, we all would like a discount. Businesses know this and offer occasional discount codes, sale coupons etc. to attract customers. However, not all such discount codes come directly from the company. There are many unofficial codes that we see on the internet every single day and they are a huge no-no. Here’s why:

Expensive Jewelry

  • Risk to finances

The biggest risk with unofficial discount codes is that they could easily be a scam. If that is the case, unfortunately, then your finances could be at great risk. Unofficial codes could end up linking your bank account to theirs and transfer of money or details of financial information could be easily possible. One does not need to be a top-level techie or hacker for this. A basic understanding of computers and codes could be enough for someone to cause major damage to your finances. This is one of the biggest reasons why one should avoid unofficial discount codes.

  • They can steal personal information

Apart from financial information, the other thing at risk is your personal information too. These codes could steal your personal information such as add5ress, family details, and even passwords. This can be extremely risky. The internet is a dangerous place as it is, so people need to be extra careful. By using such unofficial discount codes, we simply give in to the scammers to steal our information and open the door into our personal lives. There have been cases of harassment and frauds because of such codes previously. We need to be careful and alert for the same reason.

  • Risk of malware and viruses

Another major reason why you should avoid unofficial codes is that they risk getting virus and malware into your phone or computer. Not all, but many of the unofficial codes are scams and frauds. They are installed with viruses and clicking on those links give an easy entry pass for the virus to enter your reason and do the intended damage. The damage could be stealing information, getting data, passwords, otp’s or even tracking your device. Yes, it all sounds very Hollywood movie-like but it isn’t fictional. It takes no more than a few hours to develop such risky discount code scams.

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  • Might crash the system

Considering that the codes are not fake, being unofficial, they could still be unstable. Your device might not be able to use the code and it may end up crashing the system. A low-quality unofficial code could affect your jewelry purchase too. Imagine this: what if you apply the code while buying a beautiful Black Diamond Engagement Ring and the lowered price is displayed on your screen. However, when you are redirected to the payments page, the code automatically vanishes, and you end up paying the whole price ultimately for your expensive jewelry shopping. That’s not a desirable situation now, is it?

  • The business might attack you for coming across as ‘fraud’ because of the code

Buying expensive jewelry is a big deal for both, the customer, and the seller. What if the business does not know about the unofficial code? If you try to apply it, the business could think you are trying to conjure some trick to fraud them and pay less for an expensive item such as bespoke engagement rings. That could go very badly if the business decides to file a complaint against you or ban you from the store, all without any fault of yours.

How to identify a real, official discount code or coupon?

  • It will always come directly from the business itself. Any discount code that you see on their website is real. The ones that are circulated on social media do not have a legitimate source or email id.
  • Check for the branding. While scammers try their best to imitate the real logo, the images are always low quality, pixelated or have slight changes in them.
  • Read the fine print. A real code will have an expiry date and mention which jewelry collections can be bought using the code.

Final thoughts

The key is in the details. Pay attention the minute details and there is a lesser chance of you falling into the trap of an unofficial discount code. Stay alert, and stay safe.


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