What to do in Park City: Tips for skiers and non-skiers

There is no shortage of ski options in Park City:

Skiing is the main activity, but there is much more to do in Park City. The city has hotels of all levels, spas and relaxation experiences, a village full of shops and restaurants, charming cafes, an outlet, an art gallery and even a museum dedicated to the Winter Olympics. What to do in Park City: Tips for skiers and non-skiers

For all these reasons, it is a great place to enjoy après-ski, as the “after-ski” activities are called, when everyone comes down from the mountains to enjoy leisure time in snow destinations. So even if you don’t plan on playing sports, Park City remains a great vacation destination.

There are even different activities in the mountains, which also attract children. It’s the case of tubing (when you slide on a big float) and dog sledding, sleigh rides pulled by dogs (which I don’t think is cool). You can also go hiking with special shoes on trails and ride a snowmobile. Read this article You Might be interested in

Park City attractions:

The list of tourist attractions in the city is varied. Check out 11 attractions in Park City.

  • Park City Mountain Village
  • Canyons Village
  • Deer Valley Resort
  • Main St and Old Town
  • Utah Olympic Park
  • Sundance Festival
  • Park City Outlets Mall
  • Stand up padde yoga in the crater of a volcano
  • Snowwalking (snowshowing)
  • mines and wines
  • Park City in summer
  • Park City Mountain Village

Ski lessons in Park City:

Of the two stations at Park City Mountain Resort, Park City Mountain Village is the most famous. There are no shortage of reasons for this.

For starters, the base of the mountain can be accessed from Main St, the central street of the city, which is rarely the case in a ski resort. With that, it is very easy to go there. On site, there is parking, restrooms, restaurants (such as the Legacy Cafe) and locker.

To access the lifts (cable cars) and ski at Park City Mountain Resort, you pay, on average, US$ 200 per day (values ​​vary according to the season). There, it is possible to go both skiing and snowboarding, in addition to practicing other activities on the mountain, such as hiking and tubing.

There are slopes of the three levels established in the USA: green, for beginners, blue, for intermediate, and black, for professionals and well-experienced skiers. Some of them have artificial obstacles and ramps to practice Freestyle.

Other than that, at the top of the mountain there are also restaurants and bars. In other words, there is no shortage of things to do in Park City Mountain Village.

Ski Lesson

Park City Mountain Village has ski schools for people of any age. Prices for half a day of classes (about three hours) start at $215 for adults and $300 for children. Lessons can be private or in groups. If there is availability, it is possible to request teachers who speak Portuguese.

During beginner classes, you learn to get on the ski and do the basic movements: stop, turn, walk, brake (wedge or pizza leg movement) and slide (parallel legs). A mat called the Magic Carpet helps learners climb a hill with almost no slope and glide slowly, under the supervision of instructors.

Prepare to fall a few times, but don’t worry, it rarely hurts. And fun is guaranteed. Some people need more than a day of classes, but others end up catching the first moves quickly and, after a few lessons, they feel comfortable going to the green slopes. ATV Tour in UTAH

Never risk going to a faster lane if you don’t have the skills. It’s really dangerous.

Canyons Village:

Park City Mountain Village lift ticket holders can also use the slopes at Canyons Village, Park City Mountain Resort’s second ski resort. There are also slopes of all levels and it is possible to practice skiing and snowboarding.

Canyons Village has some hotels and a charming center with restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. Worth the visit for those who want to spend three or more days in the city. You can also stay there, since, as it is further away from the historic center of Park City, the station is usually more empty.

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