What Is Instagram Wall And Its Benefits?

Instagram has over 500 million+ daily active users and 25 million registered businesses. Judging by this stat, Instagram is an essential part of both general and business people. The number of people using Instagram is colossal, which provides a brilliant marketing opportunity for businesses. An Instagram wall can be the flagbearer of this marketing strategy. 

An Instagram wall for events provides multiple benefits to event marketers through its power to engage customers, provide social proof, word-of-mouth marketing, etc.

If you also want to reap the benefits of Instagram Wall, then understanding it in detail would accelerate your process. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.


Explanation: Instagram Wall

An Instagram wall displays real-time Instagram feeds. This feed is aggregated from hashtags, mentions, and handles. An Instagram wall is visually appealing, consisting of texts, photos, and videos capturing people’s attention like no other. 

The Instagram wall effect can be amplified by displaying it on big digital screens. These digital screens are displayed at concerts, events, exhibitions, fairs, music festivals, etc. This enhances attendee engagement, boosts promotions, improves event marketing, and provides authenticity.


Benefits Of Instagram Wall

The Instagram wall is trending so much in the marketing world on the back of the benefits it serves. We have mentioned some having the most significance for marketers.


Raising Brand Awareness

Every event is held with one thing in mind, making the brand go viral. If people go home with valuable knowledge about the brand, then we can deem the event successful. An Instagram wall plays a key role in this aspect. Through the Instagram wall, you can showcase brand values, what makes the brand stand out, and why a person should invest in your brand. 

Enhanced brand awareness among people would increase trust, resulting in a greater connection between customers and the brand.


Engaging Content Accessibility

Everyone would agree that Instagram is a highly engaging social media platform owing to its visual appeal. Feeds on Instagram are in texts, photos, and videos that engage the audience like no other. And not just visually appealing, Instagram’s content is diverse and authentic and hooks people’s attention like no other. Displaying this engaging content through the digital-screen Instagram wall gives people a gateway to brilliant content in a single place.


Showcase User-Generated Content (UGC)

Authenticity and reliability play a major role in building people’s trust in a brand. If a brand communicates its message and authentically displays its products, reaching customers’ hearts becomes much simpler. User-generated content has built its reputation as being authentic and reliable since it is created by customers only instead of hired models. 

Displaying user-generated content through Instagram Walls ensures you can attract customers like nothing else. This results in trust-building and real-time interactions.


Enhances Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the factor that defines the success and failure of an event. The more people have engaged in your event, the more the chances that they are learning about your brand. This leads to sales & revenue boost for your brand. Apart from this, it also paves the way for people to gather at your events in the future. Obviously, suppose your current event is engaging. In that case, the chances of people returning to your next year’s event increase. 

Through the Instagram walls, you can engage your followers and attendees by giving them a reason to participate. In addition, you can run contests and quizzes through which people can appear on the Instagram wall, increasing your customer engagement.


Offers Audience Insights

Analytics elements are included in several systems for collecting and building the Instagram walls to track and assess the actual user-generated content.

Since it enables you to monitor the success of your social media campaigns and your Instagram walls, this analytics tool is essential for marketers. It can track impressions, clicks, interactions, analysis, and more.

It will offer useful data on consumer engagement and behaviour. You may, for instance, examine the most effective content, the trending hashtags, user engagement, and other data.

Future social media marketing campaigns and promotions will benefit from these discoveries, which will be used in their development.


Brilliant Gamification Experience

Despite popular belief, event experience is a distinct concept highly valued by event managers and marketers since it serves as a foundation for the success of future events.

You may offer gamified experiences like polls, leaderboards, challenges, quizzes, photo competitions, etc. on the Instagram hashtag wall in addition to prizes & recognition.

This would encourage the audience to participate in such gamification efforts and provide them with an exceptional audience experience that delights them and fosters a good attitude about the brand.

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Wrapping Up! 

An Instagram wall is a brilliant tool that no event marketer should miss. The Instagram wall is producing a lot of benefits for brands and businesses, and you should also get on the gravy train. 

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