We Looking For paid guest posting

  • Please read our blog and send us 3 titles for paid guest posting.
  • We’ll choose a subject from the suggestions you provide and you will begin writing later.
  • Utilize Google Docs to send us your drafts since it makes it easier for editors to provide direct feedback on your work.
  • Send us a copy of your document that’s easy to read.
  • Send us a brief summary (two sentences) Author bio, author byline and a photo of the author. We’d like to add the handles of your other social networks, too.
  • We are open to inventive and original content that is well-studied and has useful strategies. When proposing ideas to us be sure to mention the way it meets our criteria.
  • Posts should not be written in a commercial or salesy tone. We reserve the right to refuse any post that doesn’t comply with our guidelines.
  • Write in your own voice. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.
  • Your blog must be at least 800 words in length, the majority are between 800–1200.
  • Every claim you make has to be supported by links to the research. Make sure to use only primary sources, and they must not exceed 1–1.5 year old. But, be sure that you don’t have any of our rivals’.
  • Try to explain your point using illustrations or examples and use relevant images to demonstrate your point whenever possible. We don’t accept photographs from the stock market, as they are not of any value.
  • Make sure you use proper formatting for titles: H1, H2 and H1, H2 and H3 tags if required.

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  • Your paid guest posting should be distinctive and provide practical information that are based on your experience in the real world We prefer blogs that provide advice on experiences, tips as well as innovations and successful stories over other.

Blog posts that are informative and actionable on the writing process creative writing, writing tips, and motivation, contacting literary agents and the writing craft as well as the publication process (for non-fiction novels, novels, YA or children’s literature).

This is the right job for you regardless of whether you’re looking for an ongoing relationship with a professional or an additional backlink for your website. We’re looking for that you have a good understanding in English grammar and love writing about things that you enjoy.

We’d love to have writing experience prior to your application particularly in the field that you pick. However, it isn’t essential for success.

Most important thing is to make sure that your guest post is appropriate for the needs of our writers.

  • We will only accept readable and clear copies. If your copy doesn’t meet our requirements we are able to reject the application. If there are minor modifications there may be additional questions that we’ll be delighted for you to address with your writer.
  • When we publish your article, we’ll send an acknowledgement email containing the link to your article.
  • No. All drafts submitted to Pensive Blogs are exclusive to Pensive Blogs, which means it can’t be found elsewhere.
  • We’re delighted that you’d like be a writer for our company. However, we receive a large number of applications, and the responses might not be instantaneous. Therefore, we ask you to remain patient.
  • If we do not like your proposal this time Do not hesitate to try it again.

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We only allow one link that is outbound to your website.

Submit your topic ideas and if we feel it’s a good fit, we’ll contact you to discuss next steps shortly.

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