Top Best Longboard Wheels

Top Best Longboard Wheels. In longboarding the kind of wheel you choose to use will have an huge influence on the general experience.

In this article we’ll focus on the most suitable longboard wheels for cruisers. We’ll also offer an in-depth buying guide to give you more information about the topic.

Here’s a brief summary of our selections:

Whatever you’re trying for, you’ll need to choose the best wheels for the event. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of longboards do not necessarily care about the individual preferences of their customers. This is the reason why wheel designs are an annoyance for many riders.

Top Best Longboard Wheels

1. Sector 9 Nine Ball

Sector 9 is a company quite well-known for its top-quality longboards and other accessories and equipment for appropriation. It’s no wonder that they’re featured in almost every longboard-related list.

In this brief overview we’re included Sector 9’s Nine Ball wheels.

We’re considering the 70 mm wheel diameter as well as the 78A durometer.

This is a more comfortable arrangement that makes longer cruises more enjoyable as well as more comfortable.

The contact patch is located at 38 millimeters as well as we have an central-set core.

All of these characteristics make them a solid choice for people seeking the most comfortable wheels for cruising.

Overall, they’re quite a good value for the price. One drawback we’d like to mention is that they could be a little rough for some sidewalks. However, if you’re talking about asphalt that is standard and normal roads they will transform your journey into a smooth one.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Great price for the value
  • It is made from the best urethane available.
  • A little softer (78A) which makes them an ideal choice for long, comfortable cruises
  • Centerset core


  • Nine Ball wheels may seem a bit rougher on certain streets

Softer design, which makes those longer cruises more relaxing and enjoyable.


  • A Top Shelf Urethane
  • Core-set in the center
  • 38mm contact patch

2. Orangatang In Heat

Orangatang is an enterprise that is focused on manufacturing Longboard wheel. So far, they’ve been receiving mostly positive reviews from longboarders.

The focus of their business is simple, high quality, as well as specific aesthetics and style.

It is possible to think that they resemble something flashy from the 90s.

If you’re looking for a wheel selection, we’ve got their In the Heat series.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. These are wheels that measure 75 millimeters in diameter.

Their width is considerably larger than the earlier version. The width is 56 millimeters as well as the exact dimensions for the patch.

In terms of the durometer is concerned it comes in three models that are 77A, 80A the 83A and the 86A. As you can see, there are a lot of choices , but it’s best to concentrate on the softer ones.

If it’s the formula for urethane We have the most gratifying thane to offer here. It is a ” buttery” smoothness to it, and yet gives enough grip to different surfaces.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Very balanced and speedy
  • Happy Thane Formula
  • Great grip on all kinds of surfaces.
  • Smooth and comfortable, ideal for cruises


  • Some have complained about them being able to be worn out over a shorter time compared to other wheels


56 millimeters as well as the same dimension for the contact patch


  • Strong and supportive core
  • Formulation for Urethane
  • Quick and balanced

3. Big Boy 70 mm Gel Solid Skateboard Wheels

In the depths of longboards that cruise We’d also want to think of some affordable options you could look at.

Of course, this can be an incline slope, since many people can get swayed into buying less expensive products, only to buy something else within a short time.

But, if you’re on a limited budget and you can’t, or aren’t willing to look at any product at a middle or high price at the same time such as you should consider Big Boy 70 mm wheels could be the best choice for you.

Furthermore, along with four wheels that are simple you’ll get all the bearings as well as spacers too.

In general they are Big Boy 70 mm Gel Solid wheels are designed for a variety of uses.

They’re designed for general riding, cruising, and for other uses.

We’d say they’re best suited for sailing.

They’re not the best, but they are a great alternative if you don’t you have to spend a lot of money and need something that will accomplish the job.

In addition it’s likely that you’ll have to spend a little more.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Very reliable, but not expensive for this level of price
  • Multi-purpose wheels
  • It also includes bearings and spacers


  • Not the best product available
  • Could not be comfortable on certain rougher surfaces


If you’re looking to save money, then the Big Boy 70 mm wheels are a great option for you.


  • It isn’t expensive, but it is quite reliable at this cost level
  • Multi-purpose wheels
  • It also includes bearings and spacers

4. Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro

Moving on with some middle-priced equipment We decided to include one of the products from Blood Orange.

Again, we have a company that is specialized in longboard wheels. It has been producing some great products for quite some time.

The only set of wheels we’re particularly interested in is called the Liam Morgan Pro. Because they’re named after the that of one of the world’s most well-known longboarders in the world, then they’re certainly worth looking into, right?

When it comes to the signature wheel series There are three fundamental models available here.

The options include 60 mm, 65 mm and 70 millimeter diameter choices. Each of them can be used for everyday cruisers. But, most people would recommend using the 70-millimeter model to be used for this purpose. It also comes in useful for downhill riding.

The surface of contact is a little bit smaller and has only 32 mm. The offset is located at the 2.5 millimeter mark.

In terms of the composition of materials is concerned we have the Liam Morgan Formula also known as LMF. This particular formula is designed for a wide range of purposes or situations.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Special Liam Morgan Formula for multi-purpose use
  • Very pleasant rides across a wide range of surfaces
  • It is useful in downhills, too.


  • There is none at this price.


Liam Morgan Formula Liam Morgan Formula has a touch that is granular and reacts to the road you’re on, making the rider to control slides that have predictable hookups


  • Durometer 82A
  • 5mm Offset
  • Contact of 32mm

5. Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising

Given their outstanding reputation for their many wheel designs for longboards, there’s no excuse that they wouldn’t include at the very least one additional product from Orangatang in this list.

We’ll be including their Caguma 85mm wheels.

However, it is important to be aware that they are more expensive that are at the premium price range.

However, the cost is certainly justified.

They’re primarily used for cruises However, you’ll find them in other configurations, and they’re very flexible. Additionally, they’re frequently used to make eBoards as well as regular skateboards.

In addition to their major characteristics In terms of their main features, the Caguma wheels are engineered for have a smooth ride on virtually every surface you’re able to ride.

With them, you don’t have to be concerned about the sloppy sidewalks or bumpy roads.

This is because of an large contact patch that is 56 millimeters.

In this model, Orangatang utilizes their Happy Thane formula that combines amazing grip and smooth rides.

You’ll be able to reach greater speeds, but still enjoy an extremely comfortable ride.

Alongside all this, they’re extremely robust. The wheels are also available as three different durometers including 77A, 80A and 83A.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • It is extremely versatile and can be employed for more than the cruising
  • Wide contact patch
  • A larger diameter, which makes rides more comfortable on rougher surfaces.
  • The formula Happy Thane provides with the grip as well as smooth riding


  • They’re quite expensive

Orangatang Caguama 85mm Longboard Wheels


Voluptuous Urethane (proportionate in all the proper places) for speedy performance with comfort, grip and the ability to accelerate.


  • Fast and comfortable
  • Urethane Formula
  • Functional Design

6. Shark wheel sidewinder

Perhaps it’s not the most important thing however, some may prefer to have attractive wheels.

In the end, being different is part of the game too. We’re sure that people will turn their heads at these.

However we’re more interested in capabilities and performance.

In the end, we all want something that can provide amazing cruises. If you’ve been interested in longboards, at the very least for an extended period of time, you’ve been familiar with Shark Wheel.

They specialize in producing unique wheels. We understand that this might be a bit odd to certain people but they don’t depend on traditional round designs.

In contrast, their wheels have some interlocking rings of spherical and square shapes. It’s not a good idea to get too into physical physics, but the performance is a truly distinct experience. Even though they’ve been out of the picture for long but they’re still quite well-known.

By combining these distinct shapes with high-rebound polyurethane will allow you to smooth over almost anything you want to.

The 78A durometer also offers a comfortable ride and is able to absorb shock.

They are also quick, flexible, comfy, and beautiful. What more would you want?

Advantages and disadvantages


  • A great price for the quality.
  • Unique design
  • High performance, that includes speed as well as comfort.
  • Very adaptable


  • Their unique design might not fit everyone’s tast

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