The Best YouTube Marketing Campaigns of 2022

The Best YouTube Marketing Campaigns of 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has given YouTube content makers and advertisers a few extreme difficulties in 2022. Click here, how would you keep your crowd connected when you can’t go to the workplace or even take off from the house?

It’s an extreme inquiry and makes it seriously baffling that there could be no more fantastic opportunity to distribute content via online entertainment and YouTube. Individuals are investing record measures of energy before screens since what else could there be to do?

A few brands vacillated when the pandemic caused an uproar. However, others adjusted and probably made the best YouTube promoting efforts. We should investigate a couple.

Bud Light

Budweiser is a name inseparable from fantastic promotion, and its Bud Light brand has kept setting the bar high with its binding together yet held pandemic promotion.

What functions admirably about this promotion is that it figures out how to remain uninvolved in the developing political part of the pandemic while taking advantage of something all of us are feeling.

The short tribute of “We’ll meet once more” resembles a message from a companion. It isn’t requesting you to stay at home, wear a veil, or get tried. Click here, to some degree, convivial wistfulness reminds watchers that Bud Light was a fundamental piece of the “ordinary” we as a whole need to get back to — showing up at shows, games, bars, and so on — and it supports Bud Light’s picture as a brew that everybody can settle on.


With a name as pervasive as Google’s, it’s a miracle this brand even necessities to make promotions. In any case, they do, and they are some of the best on YouTube. Google’s “Bless your heart” pandemic mission has almost 2022 million perspectives in less than a month.

This famous mission features the deeds of a portion of the unrecognized yet truly great individuals of current times, like guardians and educators. These promotions utilize genuinely client-created content to pull at the heartstrings and get a couple of giggles from watchers. The clients are the stars of the advertisements, yet the Google search bar shows up on-screen with questions, for example, “how to instruct from home” and “how to fix a terrible hairstyle.”

Endearing and incapacitating, Google utilizes genuine individuals to show that we are generally managing the issues and that all of us are operating Google to track down replies.


The streetwear and tennis shoe seller (and mainstream society blog) Complex was fortunate to nail one of the most well-known YouTube recordings of the year only days before COVID-19 landed in America — and not long before it sent off its new tennis shoe application. For more:

By enrolling the assistance of A-rundown celebs Will Smith and Martin Lawrence (on the press trail for their new film Bad Boys forever), Complex added serious clout to their case of being a tennis shoe authority.

Not exclusively are Smith and Lawrence social symbols, but on the other hand, they’re essential for the tennis shoe history. Complex focused on this in click here, their brief video as they went shoe shopping with the two stars and talk shoes the entire time. No chatter, no casual discussion — they didn’t discuss the new film. Complex figured out its crowd and gave them what they needed, which is why the video scored 7.5M perspectives and almost 10k remarks.

Enrolling big names to assist you with advertising doesn’t generally work out positively, mainly while doing a meeting. Complex showed that in 2022, your crowd wouldn’t buy essential VIP support. It would help if you exhibited that you know your speciality.

Rec centre Source

Behemoths like Google and Anheuser-Busch and big names like Will Smith could leave more modest advertisers feeling overpowered in 2022. Click here, in any case, more modest firms have as much to acquire as the enormous folks — and perhaps more. With the large folks unfit to get to film studios and sets to create great substance, the battleground has been somewhat dissimilar.

The wellness gear retailer Gym Source is not a little brand. However, with under 1000 supporters on YouTube, they expected to quit slacking. They did precisely that with their promotion crusade.

This viral-style, perky assortment of recordings provokes watchers to remain fit and transform any space into a rec centre while stay-at-home requests are active.

The recordings utilize films of dynamic individuals, overlaid text, and upbeat music. They might have been delivered on a solitary PC with stock film. Yet, the blend of motivation and apprehension about pandemic weight gain put Gym Source’s promotions comparable to heavyweights like Peloton and supported traffic to their site by 150%.

2022 is a one-of-a-kind time for YouTube advertisers. However, it isn’t deficient in opening doors for firms of all shapes and sizes. Click here, by utilizing strategies, for example, client-produced content, stock video, green screen video, and live transfers, advertisers have a very much loaded utility belt for content creation. It might be some time before things return to “typical,” so it’s not past the point where it is possible to gain from the best and begin your own YouTube advertising effort.

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