The Advantages Of Managed Security Services

Access to qualified personnel and permanently monitored security systems are advantages of having 100% Managed Security Services.


Within the business environment, the increase and sophistication of cyber threats are facing the challenges of increasingly tight security budgets. To this are added the new dangers coming from social networks.

New trends such as the rise of teleworking or the adoption of BYOD strategies.

These edges of the industry have triggered the vulnerabilities of corporate networks.

Generating great pressure on IT personnel when managing and monitoring the security of companies.


What are Managed Security Services?


The MSS concept is directly linked to an operating process model and has been created especially to protect corporate data from possible cyber-attacks.


Thus, the supporting pillars of managed security services are security monitoring, incident response, and security management.

In addition, it also offers you continuous protection and attention exclusively to data security.


Managed Security Services can be excellent allies.


In response to this context, Managed Security Servicesare emerging in the cybersecurity market, products that group common services in this field, such as antivirus, firewalls, intrusion detection, security auditing, or content filtering.

But with a focus on focused on the specific security needs of the company.

Said services thus become managed by a third party that assumes the responsibility that they remain in operation and monitored at all times.


Managed Security Services: what is their use for modern businesses?


Managed Security Servicesare increasingly necessary for constantly modernizing and transforming companies. Find out more details!


Considering the acceleration of digital transformation and in the post-pandemic scenario due to covid-19, much is said about the importance of guaranteeing the protection of corporate data with advanced and intelligent solutions.


Due to the significant increase in virtual threats, mainly the implementations of the hybrid work model, companies are feeling the need to optimize their processes and correct their loopholes to resist virtual attacks more effectively.


Corporations need to be more vigilant and agile to operate in an environment of growing threats. So, it has become clear that companies need a unified IT architecture, which includes services that are increasingly more suitable for their needs.


What may Managed Security Services be ideal to meet the needs of your clients?


When we talk about Managed Security Services, we are talking about advanced, comprehensive solutions full of exceptional advantages. This is the case of SASE and SD-WAN, for example.


For this reason, organizations are attentive to solutions focused on SD-WAN and SASE since they aim to access their data with more security and protect it, as well as its corporate applications and tools.


Additionally, at least 44% of respondents believe that technologies such as SD-WAN and SASE will help reduce the use of managed security services overall.


Considering this, SD-WAN solution providers and other cloud security providers are achieving solid growth in their business.


Today, many companies have chosen to outsource their security structures by adopting the MSS model (Managed Security Services). Similarly, having specialized cybersecurity staff may be prohibitive for some companies but feasible for managed security service providers. Outsourcing this function allows you to concentrate internal resources on aspects that are more critical to the business.


In terms of efficiency, Managed Security Servicesallow security systems to be kept up and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which many companies can only guarantee during regular business hours. In addition, providers of managed security systems can keep track of all new threats and potential vulnerabilities as they emerge and update their best practices and security tools.


Among its main advantages are:


  • Excellent cost benefit;
  • Experience;
  • Specialized professionals;
  • Better tool management;
  • Continuous supervision.


That’s why managed security services bring the unique opportunity to create cloud-native security.

Providing better management of devices, applications, data, and much more.


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