Solar panels, or solar photovoltaic modules, convert the light energy of the sun into electrical energy. They are usually a part of solar or wind-solar systems.

Simply put, a “Solar panel” is a set of “solar cells” connect and imprisoned in a frame.

“Solar cell” (solar cell) is a small semiconductor device that converts light energy into electrical energy

    A solar panel (also called a photovoltaic cell) is a solid-state electrical device design to convert solar energy into electrical energy using the photovoltaic effect. Each solar battery consists of solar cells.

Assembling solar cells is used to create modules to generate electricity from solar energy. Such assemblies are mount together to obtain a group of solar modules, which in turn are mount on special rotating devices or racks that orient the group of solar modules on the sun, which also includes another electronic fairing. Such assemblies are called Sunlife solar panels. Photocells are attach to the frame of the solar panel in such a way that in case of failure, they can be replaced one at a time. To protect against the influence of external factors, the entire structure is covered with strong plastic or tempered glass.


A solar battery is a “cake” that is sintered at a high temperature.

  1. the frame is made of anodize aluminum
  2. first, a special anti-glare film applies
  3. glass (tempered 3.2 mm) rests on it
  4. a special transparent film (EVA) is place on the glass
  5. a pre-soldered chain of solar cells is place on top of the film
  6. then the second layer of EVA film is laying on
  7. the last layer is an opaque white film
  8. This cake is sent to the oven, where everything is sinter – glue together. The film melts and firmly adheres to the glass the elements are completely sealed inside, covering tightly the films on both sides.
  9. after sintering, the distribution box connects
  10. wires are connect

Silicon solar batteries are the most popular in the world and Pakistan

Silicon solar cells

This type of solar panel differs primarily in its material, which, as you can guess from the name, is represent silicon. These are the most popular batteries on the market today. This is because silicon is a relatively easily available material it is inexpensive and at the same time has good performance indicators compare to competing types of solar modules. They are produce not only from silicon, but also from mono, polycrystalline, and amorphous silicon

Monocrystalline batteries are made from silicon solid crystals of the highest quality by the casting method.


On the other hand, are made of silicon or a mixture base on silicon, which differs in the heterogeneity of the structure. Amorphous batteries are made by applying an electric discharge to silicon, which evaporates and deposite on a substrate made of inexpensive materials

Monocrystalline Solar cells.

Purify, the purest silicon is use for the production of monocrystalline solar batteries. This type of panel looks like silicon honeycombs or cells that connects into one structure. The purify single crystal hardens, it divides into very thin plates up to 300 μm thick. Such finish plates connects by a thin grid of electrodes. Compare to amorphous batteries, these are more expensive, because the technology of their production is many times more complicate. At the same time, such batteries should chose at least for their high efficiency.

Polycrystalline solar panels

To obtain polycrystals the silicon substance is slowly cool. This approach to production technology is much cheaper than the previous type of panels, which is why this type is cheaper. At the same time, less energy is require for production, which once again has a beneficial effect on the price. But for some reason, do you need to sacrifice? Therefore, the efficiency of such batteries is lower – up to 18%. Such a drop in the coefficient associates with formations inside the polycrystal that reduce efficiency.

Advantages of solar panels

  • It is the inexhaustibility and universal availability of the energy source. The sun is almost anywhere on the planet and shortly, it is not going to disappear anywhere.
  • Autonomy. There is no need to connect to a centralized power supply system and depend on energy supply companies.
  • Environmental friendliness. Photocells do not produce carcinogenic emissions and do not increase the level of greenhouse gases. There is no need to destroy forests or consume non-renewable fossil energy resources.
  • The possibility of application in places where there are no centralized power distribution networks
  • Quick installation of photovoltaic panels at home. Simple installation and installation of the entire power system
  • The system has a modular design, at any time you can increase the power system in terms of size and power. The question rests only on the area available to you. It is the modularity of the batteries that allows you to easily increase the power of the system if necessary. You just need to add new solar panels and feed them into the system
  • Battery wear is very slow because there are no moving parts unless you use drives in your system that turn the cells toward the energy source. However, even with such a system, panels last up to 25 years or more. Only after this period, if the batteries are of good quality, their efficiency begins to drop and gradually they need to replace with new ones.

More advantages of panels

  • A panel does not consume any fuel, which means that you are not dependent on fuel prices, just as you are not dependent on fuel supplies. The advantages of these batteries are also the continuous supply of electricity. You get clean energy while keeping the environment free from polluting and toxic emissions.
  • The possibility of connection at the “green” tariff.
  • The proposed energy supply systems work on energy, which is available and constant. That is, the use of free energy will provide you with reliable protection against the constant increase in electricity prices. Owners of such power supply systems receive additional financial benefits and savings in electricity costs. Having installed such price increases or energy.
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