Reason to Choose the Smart Dual Compartment Trash Can 

Smart Dual Compartment Trash Can

Kitchen trash is a must-have for every kitchen. But not all trash cans will work. There are so many garbage cans available, that it is easy to become overwhelmed. It is crucial to select the second-compartment kitchen bin. It can be difficult to choose from so many options. This blog will help you plan by explaining the several aspects of kitchen containers.

The right garbage can will allow you to have a place for your waste and keep your kitchen clean. You can make your life simpler by choosing the Dual Compartment Trash Can, no matter if it is a one or two compartment.

Double Compartment Dustbin for Home Zone Living

Double compartments allow for efficient sorting of trash and recyclables. The garbage compartment can hold 8 gallons, while the recyclable one holds less than 5 gallons. The recyclable compartment can hold just over 5 gallons and the garbage compartment can hold 13 gallons. The double home recycling bin can have two compartments, one for recyclable and the other for normal waste.

This double-compartment trash container for home area living is perfect for small spaces. It allows for easy access to the sides and corners of kitchen islands. The black liner holds 30 liters (about 7.93 gal), or approximately 7.93 gallons. It can also hold 8 gallons. The blue liner can hold 20 liters, or 5 gallons. You decide what item can be recycled.

To prevent trash bags falling out, each liner includes a pouch. The reinforced hinge ensures that the lid stays closed securely and softly. You can simply pick up any excess bags and place them under the elastic.

SONGMICS 2 bin compartments

The SONGMICS 2-compartment kitchen bin is a blessing. The bin is made from sturdy steel and features a soft-close lid to calm the environment. It can be difficult to lift a trashcan with your hands while you eat. This basket has a pedal to help you lift it.

Two removable buckets are included with the bin. They can be used to clean up any trash bags that have been dropped or broken. The double bin includes two 30-litre (about 7.93 gal) bins and 15 plastic bins. It also has a soft-close mechanism for waste disposal. The buffer mechanism makes sure that the lids are closed softly, slowly, and quietly to keep out any germs or odors.

EKO EcoCasa Dual Compartment Trash Can

Its sleek design and brushed stainless look uncluttered. It is also resistant to fingerprints. EKO EcoCasa double-compartment bin is more than a pretty face.

The EcoCasa comes with two compartments and pedals, which can open different covers. This makes it easy to separate household waste and recyclables. Each side has separate cantilever pedals which open the lids quickly and are built to last. Our soft close muffler cover reduces noise pollution!

iTouchless 16-gallon Dual Compartment Trash Can

The iTouchless 16 Gallon Double Pass trash bin has 2 compartments with 2 pedals. This makes it simple to sort and recycle. Each compartment includes an 8-gallon bucket. The bag can be easily lifted from the container. The bucket grip holes make it easy to remove the buckets from their containers. The lids of step bins with built-in air dampers eventually give up and they become unattractive. SoftStep kitchen appliances are made from high-quality materials and have a sophisticated design.

SoftStep’s air damper can be replaced and will provide the same performance for many years. SoftStep will close the lid quietly and gently every time, even after many years. The can’s lightweight inner buckets are easy to slide into and out of. It is easy to separate recyclable materials and garbage. The sleek brushed stainless-steel body can be cleaned easily and is fingerprint-resistant.

Advantages of Dual Compartment Trash Can

  • Possibility to separate and recycle garbage using bins.
  • Recycling becomes easier and requires less effort.
  • No need to have two separate bins in your home, kitchen or office.
  • Takes up less space than two separate containers.
  • It looks cleaner and works more efficiently.
  • Double trash cans are very organized.
  • Reduce guest confusion (which bin is for recycling?).
  • Reduces the clutter of recycled materials typically found on kitchen counters.


You have many choices when it comes to the Best dual compartment trash can. Some garbage cans only have one compartment while others have two. You can keep your kitchen tidy and organized by having two separate compartments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need double trash cans?

However, some people want to be more environmentally friendly and start sorting their waste. A 2-basket bin is a perfect way to sort your waste efficiently and easily.

How much does a dual recycling container cost?

Most double trash cans are very expensive. A good double kitchen trash can will cost between $100 and $250. First, the price is relatively high. In return, you get a high-quality trash can that makes sorting your trash easier. why is this important? Well, you and your family use this litter every day and it’s part of your interior.

So it has to be good enough to last for years. The double kitchen trash can help you and your family recycle more easily. Most of those who have already bought the more expensive double kitchen pan said they were hesitant to buy because of the high price. However, after deciding to buy, they were happy with their purchase. It makes recycling and sorting garbage a little more fun. Double bins are the perfect solution for separating trash and recyclables. This makes recycling much easier and improves your eco-friendly lifestyle.

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