Personal Injuries From Slip and Fall Cases in Griffin

You might be entitled to compensation if you were hurt in a slip-and-fall accident on someone else’s property. Therefore, arrange a case appointment to have a Griffin personal injury attorney assess your case. Over a million slip and fall incidents are reported each year, making it one of the most frequent forms of accidents in Griffin.

Whose responsibility is it to pay for damages?

According to personal injury law, several facts must be proven in order to show that the injuries were caused by the property owner’s negligence. In case you are wondering what all this would include, this entails demonstrating that the hazardous situation was present on the property when the accident occurred and that the owner was aware of it but chose to do nothing about it. Furthermore, documenting the dangerous situation as soon as possible after the accident can be very important, as it can serve as proof in the event that a claim for damages is filed. It is also important to show that the property owner was unable to safeguard guests from the unsafe situation on the premises. Therefore, premises liability is a legal theory that holds property owners liable for damage sustained on their property.

If anyone pursues a premises liability claim, they must show that the property owner was irresponsible and, thus, establish their duty of care. In these situations, failure to take reasonable care of the property or a decision to do nothing in the face of knowledge of a dangerous state that could result in serious injury would constitute negligence on the part of the owner.

What are the common types of injuries?

Broken bones, soft tissue injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and hip fractures are the most often reported injuries. Other possible risks include knee injuries, cuts, abrasions, sprained ankles, back and spinal cord injuries, shoulder and neck injuries, and cuts and abrasions. Bone fractures are more common in older adults. On the other hand, soft tissue injuries tend to be internal and might not be apparent right away, and to become aware of soft tissue damage may take days or even weeks.

Final thoughts:

In the event that you recently fell and were hurt on someone else’s property, you will require assistance carrying out the legal requirements to file a claim for the damages you have sustained. Speak with a lawyer straight away.

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