Guide for iOS App Developers: Best Programming Languages to Develop iOS App

If you want to create robust products that last the test of time, you must be familiar with the fundamentals of custom iOS app development. This tutorial covers the programming languages used to create iOS apps as well as the best practices for improving the performance of iOS/iPhone apps. Let’s begin!

There are currently more than 1.8 million apps in the Apple store and more than 2.4 million apps in the Google Play store, according to statistics. In 2018, there were 194 billion app downloads worldwide, with customers spending $101 billion on these downloads.

These figures show a rising trend in the necessity for companies to use mobile apps as a marketing tool to reach more customers.

In this blog post, we assist iOS app development companies in understanding the many stages of the process as well as the various tools at their disposal to take advantage of this surge in demand. When it comes to creating an iOS app for their company, we also aim to aid business owners in making educated choices.

Top Programming Languages Used to Build iOS Apps

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Since its introduction, Swift has become one of the most widely used programming languages for creating iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and WatchOS. Since Apple launched it in 2014 to replace Objective C, iOS developers have made extensive use of it. Swift is the eighth most popular programming language in the world, with a market share of roughly 2.03%, according to the PYPL Index (Popularity of Programming Language).


In order to give an extension of OOPS and related characteristics, Tom Love and Brad Cox designed Objective-c in 1984. It was extensively used by developers long before Swift was released, and it is currently one of the most excellent options for developing iOS apps. Aside from this, an Objective can also be incorporated when designing an iOS app after taking many factors into account simply because there is much more financial potential in the iOS market.


In 2000, Microsoft unveiled it as a persistent rival to Java. It’s an integrated object-oriented programming language with the. Internet framework Due to its straightforward and high-level architecture, C# has grown in popularity over time and is now used by 31.4% of programmers worldwide. It is currently rated 7th internationally.


What if we told you that you could choose a language that is lightning-fast and appropriate for the modern digital age. Yes, Flutter provides a quick user interface and immediate reloading so that the user may observe all of the most current changes without missing any important information. The full app development kit, or SDK, which Google presented in 2015 and released in 2017, may be something to study if you’re interested in developing iOS apps.

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The last technology on this list, HTML5, is responsible for around 89% of webpages as of this writing. By combining JavaScript with CSS, it is used to construct applications. These days, small-scale entrepreneurs use this language because it doesn’t take much time and is also thought of as a very economical toolbox. If you’re just getting started, you can learn and create iOS apps with HTML5.

React Native

Developing apps for iOS platforms frequently makes use of React Native. It is provided by Meta and has a sizable user base. You may also use it to launch your app on the Android operating system. In addition, the fact that it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn makes it the first option for developers who want to create iOS apps. because it makes use of popular typescript and JavaScript. Because of this, programmers who are already proficient in these languages can switch to React Native with ease to create mobile apps. React Native allows you to create stunning iOS applications.

Build Fire Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Build Fire SDK might be the answer for you if you want to save a tonne of time while still satisfying your programming itch. Even though Build Fire has a tonne of built-in capability, you may develop an endless amount of expansion for apps that use the platform. Use the Build Fire SDK if you want to build something really original and ground-breaking. It allows you to update your app with new plugins and features.

This is a terrific approach to start from scratch with a tested system and then have some fun with programming when you add more complicated features to your app. Even better, it makes use of one of the most user-friendly programming languages in use, JavaScript syntax. The Build Fire SDK offers you the “best of both worlds” and will ultimately save you a tonne of time.

The Verdict

The best Programming language for iOS app development in 2022 turns out to be Swift, all factors considered.

Why Swift?

Swift is one coding language that completely fulfills the requirements of developing a loyalist-worthy application, as we discussed in the introduction to this post regarding the superior loyalty of iOS users.

Final Words

This information may be useful to you if you plan to start your project with custom iOS app development or if you want to learn any language. Depending on the situation, it is imperative that you choose the ideal language to launch your profession or business. It all depends on your priorities and whether you need a specific language.

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