Instagram VS Facebook – What’s So different about them

Let’s be real. Almost everyone out there has at some point wondered what’s so different about both Instagram and Facebook, and which one is a better platform.

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Instagram and Facebook are the most used and popular social media platforms used by people, especially digital marketers. More than just that, they’re both the largest platforms being used across the globe.


As long as you’re connected to a high-speed internet, such as Mediacom Internet 1 gig, you can access both these platforms anytime. Social media is there for you to connect with people all over the world, and also keep you up to date about world news.


Therefore, in this article, we’ve decided to share the similarities and differences between these two social media platforms. This should help you decide which one of these social media platforms works best for you or your business.


Let’s dig in!

How Do Instagram and Facebook Function?

We know you must have so many questions as to which one of these is the best social networking platform. For instance, should you apply your business marketing strategy on Instagram or Facebook?


There’s a percentage of people who feel that Facebook is no longer as popular as Instagram now is. On the other hand, there’s also a large group of people who feel the opposite. That is why choosing the right social media platforms can become a little overwhelming, especially when people have opposing opinions.


It’s easy if you simply think that Instagram vs Facebook is about both of them being competitors. However, knowing how each one works will allow you to take advantage of the platform you’ve decided to pick.


This is vital for your business, as digital marketing strategies have personalized aspects for the social networking platform you choose, so as to improve your brand’s social media performance.

What Are the Similarities Between Instagram and Facebook?

Let’s look at the similarities between these two social media platforms.

Online Interaction

Both Instagram and Facebook are similar in the way follow requests and friend requests are sent. In fact, they both work in the same manner if you want to block someone from viewing your feed.


Both platforms allow you to send friend and follow requests to anyone, whether they’re your family, friends, or even celebrities. Once they’re added to your network, you can then see their posts alongside communicating with them.


You can also follow brands, online shopping accounts, and various businesses. If you want an uninterrupted feed, you should be connected to a reliable internet connection. If you’re looking for one, you can call Mediacom customer service for further inquiries.

Content Configuration

Another similarity revolves around the way both the social media platforms’ content configuration is done. Both of them allow the sharing of images and videos.


In addition, you can also share stories and posts, like someone’s post, or leave a comment on both platforms. Moreover, you can also choose to add a location to your posts on both social media platforms.


Lastly, you can also include various people in your posts. If you realize, these are quite a number of similar features both the platforms offer.

Online Shopping Brands

Both the social media platforms have incorporated the online shopping aspect. On Instagram, you can simply follow the shops you want to follow. In fact, there’s a category in which you’ll find recommended shops in accordance with your needs.


Whereas, on Facebook, you will find the sum feature under the category of Marketplace. If you’re a Facebook user, you can create a listing for any possible thing ranging from properties to vehicles. There’s always something for everyone out there.

What Are The Differences Between Instagram and Facebook?

Now that we’ve established the similarities between both social media platforms, let’s also find out their differences.

Online Gaming

Facebook offers online gaming, but Instagram does not. This might be the one difference you may not think much about, but it’s there.

The Way You Post

Believe it or not, Instagram is typically limited to visual content. Whereas, Facebook combines both text and visual content.


You must have thought of how you can add text without having to post a picture on Instagram, yes? Well, it’s not exactly possible. This is one of the major differences between both platforms. If you don’t have a visual cue on Instagram, you can’t post text.

Screen Optimization

Let’s talk about how desktop and mobile-friendly both social media platforms are. Facebook offers all the same features on every device. You can post from both a desktop and your mobile phone.


Things are rather different when it comes to Instagram. You can log in and view posts on a desktop, but you can’t post anything. Instagram is more for mobile phone use, and you can only post through your phone, unlike Facebook.

Link Sharing

When it comes to Facebook, you can always share links and make them the center of your posts. Perhaps you want to share some industry trends or promote a brand in your article. You can share the link, and even have a preview of the post visible to all your followers.


Your followers can then click on the link to be redirected to that particular page.


However, when it comes to Instagram, you can’t add a clickable link on your posts, as they can only be added to your page bio. Hence, if you want to share articles, you’ll need to create a visual cue for the specific page you want to promote and redirect your followers to block your bio link.


There’s an Instagram tool called ‘Linktree’ that allows you to add multiple links to your bio.

Demographics of Instagram and Facebook

The battle of Instagram vs Facebook continues when keeping the key audience in mind.


Moreover, it’s as important to know the percentage of active users and what age group your target audience revolves around. In fact, this gives you a better idea of the direction you should move towards.


Why? Well, if you don’t target the right kind of audience, you’ll be wasting your business resources and time. Facebook users usually range from 25 to 44 years old. Whereas, Instagram users are between 18 to 24 years old.


Therefore, you need to know what age group you’re targeting. If it’s for a more mature audience, then Facebook would be a better option.

All in All

Social media is the perfect place for applying your digital marketing strategies. However, if you have to choose between Instagram and Facebook, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration.


Even if you feel both platforms are similar in many ways, there are still key differences between them. And each one of them has uniqueness as well. Regardless of what you choose, always remember that you need to know your target audience and the kind of content you’ll be sharing.

We hope you now know what the difference between both social media platforms is, and how you can differentiate them when it comes to choosing the one you feel works best for your business needs.

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