Important Tips for Buying A Reliable Used Car

Not just Perth but in every state of Australia, there has been an increase in the demand for second hand cars. There can be several reasons behind investing in a second hand car. While some may be interested due to restricted budget, others want a used car to first try their hand on driving. Therefore, you need the enough knowledge for buying a used car.

Moreover, the pandemic and loss of job and decrease in income also played a major role in the increasing popularity of second hand cars. No matter what is the reason behind your decision, you can always buy used cars in Perth Australia at a very reasonable price and that too without compromising on the quality part.

Also, it is very safe to look for used cars for sale Perth WA as there are several best second hand car dealers in Perth. All you need to do is research properly before making a final payment and nothing can stop you from getting a good deal.

Even if you do not have any knowledge regarding cars, you can consider looking for cars for sale in Perth in WA by keeping in mind some important tips and tricks.

Here Are Some Important Tips for Buying a Reliable Used Car

1. Research and More Research

Whether you are buying a house or simply a second hand car, you can get a good deal only on the basis of your research. This simply means you need to study and analyse the second hand car market properly before coming to a conclusion.

A few session of online research can help you decide which brand and make of second hand car are in demand. You can also find out about the expected price of a particular car model.

When reaching the market for buying used cars in Perth, Australia you need to be clear about your needs and requirements for a car. For instance, if your need is for a small family car, then looking for a big sports car is simply waste of time and energy. So, first make a list of things you want in your car and then decide on the best car model and make.

Your research work should be in the right direction and then only you can expect a good deal on cars for sale in Perth, WA. Avoid impulsive thinking and making a rush decisions. Take your time in the research part.

2. Set Your Budget

Buying a car is very different from buying a set of new clothes or a piece of furniture for your home. Apart from proper planning, you need to know your budget before you start looking for the best second hand car dealers in Perth.

A second hand car can cost you thousands of dollars if the model is new and well maintained. Hence, depending upon your monthly income and current savings, decide on a budget.

When setting a budget for buying used cars in Perth, Australia, you need to keep in mind two things – first the cost of the car and secondly the increase in your monthly expenses. If you are buying a car on loan, you need to bear in mind the interest on finance too.

Apart from setting a budget, it is also important to stick to it. Do not make the mistake of spending spontaneously. Think several times before buying a car that is above your budget level.

3. Check the Car Thoroughly

First of all start looking for used cars for sale in Perth, WA. Then zero down the list to two or three of the cars of your choice and that must be within your budget.

Next important step is to check the vehicle thoroughly from the outside as well as inside. Look the car body for sign of any scratches or any kind of dent. You must even open the bonnet and check the condition of the engine, battery and other important parts. From the interior part, check the car seat, as well as the working condition of the gear stick, brake, pedals, power windows, steering wheel and lots more.

If you are not able to come to a conclusion after inspecting the vehicle take help from a family member or friend who has some idea about automobiles. However, it is always better to hire a mechanic to inspect the car. A mechanic can check the second hand car thoroughly and tell you in advance about any small or big fault.

In case you are buying from one of the best second hand car dealers in Perth be assured that all the cars here are independently inspected to ensure quality.

4. Check Car Dealer Reputation and History

Most of the people looking for used cars for sale in Perth WA prefer to close the deal with one of the best second hand car dealers in Perth. This is happening as everyone wants a peace of mind and no headache when buying a second hand car.

So, if you want to purchase a second hand car having no risk factors, look for the best place to buy second hand cars. This means the car dealer must have a good reputation in the market.

For that, first of all you need to research on the best second hand car dealers in Perth, Remember not all car dealers are same and you need to choose the best one in the market. Online forums, reviews of genuine customers and the popularity of the car dealer in the market are just some of the criteria to help you choose the best one.

5. Check the Papers

For car buyers, checking the papers is important if you’re in the market looking for cars for sales in Perth WA. This will help you to know whether the second hand car is owned by a single person only. Sometimes, people buy a second hand car and again sell it. Car papers also give an idea about for how long the current seller owned the vehicle.

When looking best place to buy second hand cars, another important factor that you must not ignore is the vehicle’s history report. The history report throws light on whether the car has gone through any accidents in the past and the number of kilometres on the odometer. Also, you can get an idea about the car’s loan history.

By checking the papers you get a realistic idea about the condition of the car that you are interested in buying.

6. Go for Test Drive

No matter how good the second hand car looks from outside and inside; do not make the mistake of buying it without going for a test drive. This is one of the most important tips for buying a reliable used car.

It is during a test drive only that you can tell about the comfort level of the used car you are interested in buying. When you opt for the best place to buy second hand cars, the dealers will never deny your request for a test drive. In fact, the dealers will ask you to go for a test drive first for full satisfaction.

During the test driver, take your time to check all the control and safety features of the car. Check the working condition of the engine, brakes, steering, gears, clutch and extension. Also, do not forget to listen for unbearable noise coming from the engine and make sure no excessive exhaust smoke is coming from the car.

In case you find it comfortable to drive the car then go ahead.


When looking for cars for sale in Perth in WA make sure to keep in mind the above mentioned important tips. These tips will help a lot in buying a reliable used car. Buying a car is a dream and you must do your best from your end in getting a good deal. Always deal with best second hand car dealers in Perth.

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