Important Points to Keep in Mind When Reblocking Your House

Building a house is not an everyday thing. You build a house for more than your lifetime. But, it will last that long if you maintain it. After so many years, the foundation of our house needs to be checked because after building we just usually forget about the house’s base. But, the wooden or concrete base, tolerating years of wear and tears, can be damaged and can result in danger for your house and family. Reblocking is a process where the foundation is flattered, checked, and repaired giving you a safe home.

It is the process of removing and replacing rotten and defective stumps that have stood for a long time. It is required to be done after several years especially when the foundation is made out of wood because wood is very much prone to damage by water and damp soil. Also, in some cases, these stumps may need to be levelled again and the floorboards and underfloor wood need to be replaced. In addition, termites can eat the tree stumps that deteriorate when exposed to moisture. Stump replacement is a major overhaul that goes beyond home improvement and restoration.


For this article, we shall look at important things to keep in mind when considering the reblocking process. Since this is a complicated process you should be sure that you are making the best choice for your house by hiring the best reblocking professional.

Best choice for your house by hiring the best reblocking professional:

Choosing the contractor:

 The very first essential step in ensuring that you have the perfect reblocking Melbourne experience is by choosing the right contractor. Since many people these days are flipping houses it can be very tricky to choose one that suits your needs. You should make sure that you do proper research. You can look them up on the internet and also choose to take advice from your family and friends for the same. Apart from this, you should also be sure to check their previous works. This will give you an idea if they can accomplish your needs or not. This will also help in making sure that your property is ready on time.

Business permits:

Whenever there is an issue related to housing renovations there are many permits that you have to have before starting doing the work. Government regulations can often be stringent and pose a delay to your process. Hence, you must look at the necessary regulations and get permits for completing the reblocking process.

Choosing the blocks and the right replacement:

The main thing in this process you need is blocks. This can be either concrete or wooden depending upon what your foundation is made out of. However, make sure that the reblocking professional use the best one. Concrete stumps with tensioned 10 mm thick bars and sturdy concrete tow blocks are considered one of the best. The pinched bar allows the remaining limbs to rest firmly on the ground while limiting the movement of the lower or upper limbs. This provides a long-lasting, reliable reinforcement.


If you need a wooden block. Make sure your home rib locker chooses this or a very similar type of tree stump for your project. Therefore, choosing the reblocking blocks is an essential part of making sure that you have the best experience.


As you can see, these are some of the common things. That you have to keep in mind when reblocking your home. It is a complex procedure that requires expertise and patience. Hence, you must choose a contractor that has both experience and patience. And also the ability to incorporate your needs beautifully into the project.

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