How To Use Vape Cartridges Safely?

Are you considering trying a vape cartridge for the first time? Well, using quality cartridges can be the most discreet and easy way to consume terpenes with dried herbs and flowers. This way, you will know exactly when you should stop instead of trying to guess with edibles. Here are all the things you need to know about using them safely and effectively.

What It is?

A vape cartridge is a tiny glass tank that gets fill with distillate oil and your favorite Indica terpenes. An atomizer is build into it; which heats up the oil and creates vapors. These are the vapors you inhale and enjoy. It also has a rechargeable battery that has to charge.

Safety and Efficacy

Many first-time users wonder whether these are safe enough to use. The first thing to understand is that you must always buy from reputed sellers who know what they are selling. Completely avoid black market products because they will do no good. Choose quality vape cartridges from a brand that is know for its safe products.

Pointers to Use Vape Cartridges

Using these is no rocket science, but the following pointers will certainly help.

  • Charge the Battery: First; charging the battery before you start will ensure you don’t have to stop.
  • Screw on the Cartridge: Now, screw on the cartridge to the battery and make sure it is connect properly so you can start your vaping session.
  • Turn on the Battery: Next thing you will have to do is turn on the battery. The way to do this will be different for each quality cartridge. Usually, there will be a light that gets turned on to indicate that the unit is on.
  • Inhale: The next thing to do is press the cartridge button and inhale. Slowly inhale, and you will be able to feel the vapors entering your body. You may also see a little of the vapors as they come out of the cartridge. This indicates that the unit is working properly.

It is crucial to buy your cartridge and Indica terpenes from a reputed seller for maximum efficacy and enjoyment. It will also ensure that it does not break down easily or malfunction. Make sure you clean and maintain your quality cartridges to help them serve you for a long time.


What is the difference between vapes and cartridges?

It’s straightforward. The cartridge (or dab cart) is the top part of the vape pen that contains a chamber for cannabis oil and a mouthpiece for inhaling. The battery is the bottom part of a vape pen. The two pieces screw together (a 510 thread is used).

Can any cartridge work for any vape?

The simple answer is that any cartridge with a standard 510 thread will fit on any battery with a typical 510 line. Batteries and cartridges are interchangeable in 99% of cases. The main distinction between vape batteries is their power and how they are activated.

What happens if you use an empty cartridge?

Yes, even if a vape cartridge is empty, hitting it can superheat any residual oils to the point where they combust rather than vaporize. This is why many experienced cannabis users on Reddit, Quora, and similar platforms complain about inhaling “smoky” vapor when they hit empty vape cartridges.

What is a dry hit?

A dry hit occurs when your vape’s cotton (or other wicking material) is not saturated with juice. This could be due to wicking issues, a coil being run at an insufficient wattage (or needing to be replaced), or simply having an empty tank!

How do you cure Vapers tongue?

Change the flavor – the simplest solution; swap your vape juice occasionally.

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