How to Host the Best Murder Mystery Event

Create new memories with your friends by hosting a murder mystery event which is a wonderful way to get altogether.

The party is generally a themed event where a fictional murder occurs.

And the attendees will also have to solve the mystery by figuring out who committed the murder.

There is excitement involved as it combines dressing up for the event.

A little bit of acting, puzzles, and a lot of fun.

Murder mystery events are surprisingly versatile and can be adapted to various themes.

However, there are some key factors when planning a satisfying get together.

Killing Game brings you some of the best tips to host an incredible murder mystery event.

That you can follow to make your murder mystery weekends a success.

Pick A Murder Mystery Party Kit

There is a huge range of murder mystery party kits and packages for the planner. The planning and organizing depend on the kind of kit your pick.

Think about the kind of experience you want with your friends and family and which kit suits you the most in terms, of experience and budget.

Think about your attendance

Murder mystery events are planned around the number of people involved.

You have to choose your venue and your game based on the number of people who are to attend the party. In case the event is being hosted virtually, consider how many people can be on a video call and still communicate easily.

When you send out the invitation, assign each attendee a character with the background information.

So that they can come up with a costume and a persona.

Understand Your Target Audience

Keeping in mind the demographics of your potential attendees.

You may want to adjust your theme and the kind of content you wish to include in the murder mystery game.

If it is an event for the kid, consider changing the central mystery to something special where things could be missing or have been stolen.

However, if you are designing an event for true crime fans.

Make sure you spend time on the finer details of the mystery to keep the attendees interested and engaged.

At the end of the day the person coming needs to have a good time.
So try your best to jot down there needs and complete the murder mystery experience according to their expectations.

Planning the Menu and Decorations

You can plan the number of courses for your meal depending on the number of scenes in your murder mystery to make your experience more thrilling.

The information can be included in your kit so that the mystery is played out between each of your courses and discussed also as you enjoy the meal.

There are a few kits that are designed for cocktail parties and the guests have to walk around.

And interact throughout the evening this makes it the whole event more engaging and enjoyable for our customers.

If your mystery event does not come with a built-in theme, it could be fun to prepare an exciting menu to add a little extra excitement.

You can include a corpse reviver cocktail and barbecue beef ribs and finish the evening with a deathly chocolate cake or a chocolate dessert cocktail.

If you wish to host memorable and exciting murder mystery events.

You can pair up with Killing Game to spend a fun and meaningful time with your friends or family.

knows how to help you host an event that will always be remembered but also looked forward to more often!

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