HOW SAFE ARE HELICOPTERS Let me begin with me saying that personally, as a pilot in a helicopter would rather be in an aircraft if its engine stopped than on the single engine plane. Since the very beginning of learning how to fly helicopters, we are taught the old saying “Safety First”.

Through our training, we learn and repeat the exercises until we are able to confidently demonstrate our ability to perform an emergency procedure.


One of them and the most popular and well-practiced of emergency procedures is the autorotation.

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One of the most significant benefits of operating the helicopter the capability to land anytime that in the event of an emergency could mean the difference between returning to the comfort of your home after the conclusion or not. Although not every emergency are planned or arranged as there are occasions when the helicopter pilot could be in situations they’d prefer not to be, and being able to be able to land virtually anywhere could make a difference. There are a myriad of scenarios I could discuss, but there are two instances when an aircraft is the best alternative.


The pilots do not go out with the goal that they will run out fuel however errors do occur and if, while flying the pilot discovers that they are in a fuel shortage and is not able to land for refuelling prior to reaching the limit of fuel, the pilot is able to land the helicopter as long as it remains fuel-filled and can do it without risk.There are other emergency situations the pilot of a helicopter could encounter which needs immediate action in order to land to ensure security of both the helicopter as well as its passengers.

In both of these scenarios, the helicopter is able to land safely, and everybody is safe at the conclusion of the incident. In both of these scenarios, the pilot is not in the position of a runway, he must decide whether to attempt landing in a place that might or might not be appropriate. If landing is completely inaccessible, the only choice is to land in a crash and again, I know the situation I’d prefer to than be…

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So, how safe are helicopters… Absolutely I would never even go near one in the event that they were not.

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