Google Ads Are Becoming Important For Dentists, Let’s Understand Why.

You may have noticed that Google Ads has been a frequent topic of conversation lately. Why? There is no effort to “upsell” you. The majority of the money you spend on Google Ads goes directly to paying for your advertising budget.

The frequent changes in Google’s search results are the reason we’re talking about it so much. Ad placement and prominence on the search results page have changed significantly over time.

The majority of the page above the fold is now taken up by advertisements.

Do People Still Click On Advertisements?

That is correct. Because we work in dentistry marketing and are aware of advertisements, we may not click on them. Consider a person searching for a highly specialized service and coming across a slew of postings similar to those listed above. We know from experience that the user will click on the headline that is most relevant to their search.

Furthermore, ad listings contain more information than organic listings. You can change the text that appears to include important information such as your phone number, hours, and location. The user can see everything at a glance.

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What occurs when a user clicks the advertisement? Therefore, when you contact us, we’ll link you to a landing page that has been specially created for your marketing campaign.

Take into account the viewpoint of a prospective patient who is seeking a certain treatment. When they click on an advertisement, a landing page tailored to their search is displayed. Their fantastic user experience makes them more inclined to convert!

This particular situation happens frequently. When used properly, Google Ads may be a very effective strategy to increase the online visibility of your Dental PPC Marketing practice.

5 Reasons To Think About Google Advertising

For a variety of reasons, a dentist may want to start using Google Ads. You may:

  • Are you a new clinic in a competitive market?
  • Do you have a new website and domain and don’t want to waste time waiting for organic SEO to bring in new patients? (SEO remains an important long-term strategy.)
  • Do you want to promote a specific offer?
  • Want to attract more new patients by promoting a specialty service, such as dental implants?
  • Want to reach out to a broader audience in the vicinity of your practice?

Google Advertising Should Be a Part Of  Your Overall Marketing Strategy.

Here’s an illustration of how Google Ads can help your marketing initiatives.

Step 1: Website that converts new patients

The first step in developing a successful Ottawa Marketing Agency strategy is to ensure that your practice’s website is in excellent condition. You should have an eye-catching website design that guides visitors through your site, landing them on all of the high-converting pages we want them to see before contacting you.

A good SEO service from primelis best complements your website design. This will gradually improve your website’s visibility in organic search results.

Step 2: Use Google Ads to drive traffic to your website quickly

Once your website and SEO strategy are in place, you can use Google Ads to swiftly increase site traffic. Depending on your region, you can target those seeking a dentist in a neighboring suburb with a tailored advertising campaign, a landing page with a high conversion rate, and an alluring copy.

Think about combining a special offer with your Google Ads campaign. Something like a complimentary cosmetic consultation or a new patient special bundle.

Step 3: Start a remarketing campaign with Facebook Ads.

With a low-cost Facebook Ads remarketing campaign, you can nurture those patients who do not convert right away. It’s simple to get started and cheap; your campaign can start for as little as $5 per day.

You can embed a Facebook pixel on your website to collect visitor data and associate it with their Facebook profile. They may see your ad in their Facebook feed a few days later. Isn’t that a great way to remind them of your new, special patient?



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