Fictional Movies That You Should Definitely Watch

Whenever we think of a great movie, we cannot complete the list without listing fictional films. No subject is untouched by the fictional industries of Hollywood. The expanded subject matter ranges from survival movies to space movies and alien movies to end of the world movies. There is nothing much left for the fiction industry to explore on screen. To honor this spectacular genre, here we are to list some of the top fictional movies that everyone must watch. You can get it on moviezwap.

The best thing about the sci-fi genre is that it truly has something on the list for all sorts of audiences. It ranges from action and heart-pumping thrillers to romantic Fictional Movies. Regardless of the subject matter any of these listed sci-fi genre movies would be a great pick.


This is a mind-blowing creation of Christopher Nolan which won four Academy Awards and a nomination for Best Picture. This 2010 film remains jaw-dropping with every rewatch. This is truly mind-boggling and explores an inventive and multilayered dream world. This film shows the collapse of physics, realities, science fiction, and dreams. It imagines the possibility to get into someone’s imagination from their subconscious mind and extract information. It is available for free on skymovieshd com


Though numerous sci-fi films are showing the exploration of extraterrestrials and the moment of the first contact between them. Very few of them do with genuine authenticity or with quiet thoughtfulness as Arrival. This 2016 sci-fi thriller depicts a linguistics professional who finds a way to communicate with aliens who arrived on planet Earth. This film evaluates questions of time, language, and humanity with sadness and feelings. DMV Appliance


This 2013 film is a genuine romantic drama set in a near fortune. A lonely introvert man in LA portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with an artificial intelligence system. He bought that system to help him in writing as he is a professional writer. Finding her ability and artificial intelligence skills he falls for her. This movie put forward thought-provoking questions about the human relationship with machines and technologies in this modern world. This film delivers ultimate emotions and is a fascinating masterpiece and is unique in its genre.

The Matrix

There is no doubt that The Matrix consider one of the most influential and popular films in the sci-fi genre. 1999 released sci-fi action films feature our favorite Keanu Reeves. In a lead role, he plays a computer programmer who fights an underground war against computers in a city called the Matrix. This iconic 90s flick combines everything that you could think of as great. Kung Fu, action, and virtual reality all seem perfect. MyReadingManga

Edge Of Tomorrow

Everyone wants to live and what if you are made to relive the same life in between the brutal battle and face your death again and again? This 2014 sci-fi action war film features Tom Cruise in the lead role. This underrated sci-fi action flick placing in an apocalyptic world with an alien invasion as well. Tom Cruise a military officer tasked to fight aliens with the operation. He is caught in a time loop that sends him back to the same battleground every time he is killed.


This is a sci-fi psychological horror genre movie from the director of EX MACHINA. This 2018 gripping horror flick follows a group of scientists who embark on a dangerous journey into the unusual zone of aliens called “The Shimmer”. The story is terrifying and thought-provoking which will blow your mind and remain in your head after you finish the film.

So these were some fictional movies that you must watch. Enjoy the quality films and come back to us for more information on different topics.

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