Everything You Should Know About Artificial Rattan

The popularity of rattan furniture has led to an increase in sales for such outdoor sofa seats and furniture. We all know that rattan furniture is popular for its durability and weatherproofing qualities. But while buying it, we should be very careful.

Nuances to consider while buying

For the selected chair to serve faithfully for many years, it is necessary to pay attention to such nuances when buying:

  • The frame can be made of aluminum, steel, or molded plastic. The latter is rarely used, and the aluminum frame is most widely used. It must be strong and thick enough – products with thin aluminum tubes will be short-lived and unable to withstand a large person. A steel frame is not a good solution, especially if the chair will stand outdoors, since the steel used, as a rule, is not covered with a protective coating and rusts over time.
  • Weaving tension is an important indicator of the quality of the product. Checking tension is easy. To do this, it is enough to put pressure on the weaving with your hand – a high degree of resistance indicates the strength of the chair.
  • Weaving density is determined by the location of individual strips of artificial rattan in relation to each other: the closer, the better.
  • If an increased load is constantly carried out on the chair, it is better to choose a product with additional weaving. It is located on the inside and is created using a metal mesh or special belts.
  • A number of joints. A quality rattan chair will have only one joint. Only such products can be used outdoors.
  • The surface must be smooth, and free of cracks and burrs.

Utility of Rattan Furniture

Versatility allows the use of wicker chairs in rooms of any style and purpose. They can be placed in residential apartments and houses, occupying a worthy place in the living room, dining room, or on the balcony. Modern wicker chairs can be either a separate element of the interior or included in sets of dining furniture along with a table. As a rule, such sets are made in the same style. Therefore, they look beautiful in any room design. Armchairs made of artificial rattan will decorate the interior in Provence, loft, and country style, and will also complement Scandinavian-style rooms.

Wicker chairs are indispensable for arranging a recreation area in a country house or in the country. They can be placed on the veranda, terrace, on a spacious balcony, in gazebo, or placed on site. Thus equipping a chic recreation area. Another area of ​​application for rattan chairs is catering establishments. In cafes, restaurants, and bars, such furniture can be used both on summer grounds and in the main halls.

Variety Of Colors and Shapes

The variety created by manufacturers makes it easy to choose a chair of the right size, height, color, and design. The size and height are selected depending on the purpose of use. If the chair will serve for relaxation and light snacks in nature or on the balcony. Then it can be quite low, but if it is used along with a dining table. It should be so high that the person sitting it was convenient to eat.

The color of the product can be any, but most often you can find chairs in different shades of gray and brown.  The design of the wicker chair may vary. The most widespread are ordinary chairs with legs or with a solid footrest, as they are as functional as possible and can be used both for relaxation and for arranging a dining area. On sale, you can find rocking chairs, which provide the seated person with maximum comfort and relaxation.


The beautiful appearance of wicker chairs made of synthetic rattan allows you to create a nice and cozy seating area. An excellent performance will ensure the durability of the furniture. Also, save the owner from the hassle of caring for it.

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