DMX Update is 50-year old now

NEW YORK — Rapper DMX Update was admitt to the hospital Friday night following a suspect drug overdose. His attorney state that he had suffer a heart attack Saturday and was currently on life support.

Update at 12:48 a.m. Eastern Time (EDT) April 4, Rapper DMX was still in New York Hospital and was on life support, according to his attorney late Saturday.

WPIX was informed by Murray Richman that DMX’s attorney confirm that DMX was still in life support Saturday evening. Although Simmons had initially claimed that Simmons was on life support, the attorney later admitted to WPIX that he had been misinformed and had misspoken.

Update 8:18 EDT April 3, DMX’s attorney Murray Richman told WPIX the rapper was now off life support and could breathe on his own. He state that DMX was currently in a “grave condition” and is “surround by his family”.

Richman said, “I’m extremely sad about it. He  said that he was like his son. Richman said that Richman is a remarkable person, a great entertainer, and a wonderful human being. There is so much to share, so much to be said. This is not your average rapper. “A person with great depth.”

Richman said that Earl Simmons had been call by the White Plains Hospital to report that Earl had suffer a heart attack. Richman also inform the station that the cause of the attack was unknown. “I have spoken with the family, and we are very close. I am concern for his wellbeing and aware of his importance. Earl has been a friend for more than 25 years. His music is very poignant and important to me. He is truly a poet of our times.

Original report: DMX has struggled with addiction and substance abuse issues throughout his life. He has been to rehabilitation clinics several times, with his most recent stay in 2019. After spending a year in prison, he enter rehab.

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Rappers respond quickly to DMX’s appeal on social media with a flood of support.

T.I. wrote, “Shake back Big Bro,” On social media, wrote. “We made plans Maaaan We got (expletive) to do!!! We had a great time laughing about how far we have come in our lives this evening. Thank you so much for checking in on me. Now I’m telling you what you said… This too shall pass.”

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Rapper DMX’s prognosis “not looking good,” TMZ reports . As his former manager, Nakia, told The New York Times that he is currently on life support and is in a “vegetative” state, Nakia Walker, The New York Times report .

His rep has now release a statement regarding the condition of the hip-hop legend, saying that Earl ‘DMX ‘Simons was rush to hospital after collapsing at his home. He is currently in critical condition in the ICU. Earl has been a soldier his whole life. This is yet another obstacle he must overcome.”

The statement strikes a grateful tone and states, “The Simmons Family is thankful for the overwhelming outpourings of love, encouragement, support, prayers, and support for Earl.” Earl is a person whose music and life have been an inspiration to many around the globe. It’s reassuring for his fans to return the same enthusiasm and energy during times of need.

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Walker stated to The Times, “We’re just praying.”

According to TMZ, DMX was reported to have overdosed at 11 p.m. and then had a heart attack. Some sources have described his condition as “vegetative,” while others insist that he has “some brain activity.”

The 50-year old is currently in a White Plains hospital, New York, in a critical-care section. Sources tell TMZ that doctors advised his family to be ready for anything.

Missy Elliott, a fellow music icon, took to Twitter to post, “Prayers to DMX and His Family,” Oscar winner Viola Davis also had DMX in her thoughts, writing, and “Praying to DMX.”

The 1998 album “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” was a huge hit. He has struggled with addiction since his first album. In 2019, he spent a year in prison for tax evasion. This was just one of many legal battles.

He was found with no pulse in the Yonkers Ramada Inn’s parking lot in 2016. His life was saved by a single dose of Narcan.

DMX is a popular cultural icon with seven albums and hits such as “Party Up(Up in Here)” (2000). He also made numerous film appearances including “Romeo Must Die” (2000) and “Cradle 2 the Grave” (2003). His reality series “DMX: Soul of a Man” (2006) featured him as a star.

He was married once and is the father to 15 children from different relationships.

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