Why Data Appending and Email List Building Services Required?

If you are running an email marketing campaign and not getting any results, then this is the time for you to know that the reason for its failure is an uncleaned & invalid database.

While there are numerous reasons for the failure of email marketing campaigns, companies face this issue by not performing email list cleaning & verification processes at a regular interval.

Below are five reasons why email list cleaning and validation is essential:

  1. Validating

Executing email cleansing & validation ensures that each of the contacts in your database is valid. So what’s the process to clean & validate? First, the method identifies syntax and typos errors to ensure a valid contact format. Further, it would help if you had some tools or software to confirm validity. After that, the tool/software sends an email to find out if it can receive emails.

The process is executed without bothering the subscribers. Such a process takes a few minutes when done by tools available on the web. It could take you a few hours to finish it on your own.


  1. Higher Conversion Rate

Whether you are using email list cleaning & validating tools/software or verifying contacts on your own, the outcome is enhanced deliverability.

Here’s an example. You are emailing 100 people. Out of 100, only twenty of them get mail. So, you have a 20% conversion rate in a targeted market. Now, if 10 out of 100 emails have bounced, that means only 90 emails have been delivered. If only 20 of them get mail, you have a 22% conversion rate.

When your emails bounce, it’s hard to get the right picture of how well your email marketing campaigns are working.


  1. Improved Reputation

Continuously sending emails to invalid addresses or the wrong subscribers makes your sender’s reputation suffer.

Recipients who find your emails irrelevant get annoyed with your “junk” and transfer it to the spam files, ultimately getting your IP into complications.

  • Audiences interested in getting your email never receive it because of some address typo or syntax errors.
  • Subscribers who have signed up for your content never get your mails as they end up in junk files due to a high bounce rate and poor sender image.
  • Also, a CAN-SPAM act protects receivers from spam emails/content. You cannot violate it.


  1. Saved Money and Time

Entrepreneurs and email marketing teams clean and validate email lists consistently because it saves time & money. You, undoubtedly, save a lot of money, effort & time when you stop emails from bouncing.

Thus, don’t spend valuable time & effort on sending emails to erroneous marketing campaign results.

Working on a clean & valid email list helps email marketing teams to devote their time to other core matters. In addition, they get in-depth details about campaign metrics.

Moreover, you don’t have to face complications like IP or domain blocklisting. Even recuperating sender reputation is expensive, tremendously time-consuming, and sometimes impossible.


  1. Personalization

Email list cleaning & validation services can give you crucial information and insights about your subscribers by checking the address. You can figure out subscribers’ names and addresses to include them in further marketing efforts.

In the modern era, “Respected sir or ma’am” looks cliche. So if you want to get a revert, you need to have an updated list and get more personal. Thus, you should opt for premium data appending and email list building services.

According to a study, every third company believes that they have poor quality email lists.

While other email marketers are struggling to find out why their emails are getting less conversion and high bounce rate, you could be on top of your game with a clean list and valid list.


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