Culver City to Get Crumble Cookie

People don’t often eat Crumble Cookie for breakfast. But, 40 people waited in line Friday morning to get a taste of Lafayette’s new sweets supplier at the 8 a.m. grand opening.

According to a manager at the store, twenty of the 100 employees arrived early to get ready for the opening.

The store ran out cookies at 8:20, so there was a delay of 15 minutes. They had to bake more.

Crumble Cookies is known for its unique flavor variations, which change every week.

Opening featured “Nilla Bean Cupcake”, “Kentucky Butter Cake,” and “Kentucky Chocolate Fudge.”

Crumble Cookies was founded in a quest for the best chocolate chip cookie. The store offers more than 120 specialty flavors, including award-winning milk chocolate chips cookies and customers’ favorite chilled sugar cookies. The cookie maker’s website and social media platforms reveal the week’s lineup on Sunday evenings. All cookie lovers can see and smell freshly baked cookies in the open kitchen. Crumble Cookies is hard to imagine without its pink box, which can hold single cookies or four, six, or twelve packs. Each order can be picked up at the curbside, delivered locally, or shipped nationwide.

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3810 Midway Avenue will be the location in Culver City. This chain is well-known for its large, freshly baked cookies.

Crumble Cookies was founded in Utah in 2017. It now has over 450 locations in the United States. There are only a few locations in the Los Angeles region. However, the Culver City location will be the first company on the Westside. The opening date is not yet known.

They are known for their milk chocolate chip, lemon glaze and pink velvet cupcakes with a mystery cookie. The mystery cookie is served in a pink box with a variety of flavors that change frequently. Crumble offers many ice cream flavors including peanut butter brittle, brownie fudge, and raspberry cheesecake.

On Tuesday, customers were already trying to use the sign at Longview’s Crumble Cookies to get their hands on them.

Although the new store, located at 3098 N. Eastman Road Suite 108, isn’t expected to open until Friday, it was evident from people who stopped by the window and observed the view that Longview residents are eagerly awaiting its opening.

Lindsey Holt, who co-owns Tyler Crumble Cookies in Longview with Rick, stated that people would come by the door and try it. She or her staff would then tell them through the glass that the doors don’t open until Friday.

Crumble was founded in 2017 in Logan Utah by Sawyer Hemsley, who was a student at Utah State University. Crumbl’s chief operating officer Jason McGowan was his cousin. They developed the recipes. There are now more than 200 locations across 32 states.

Holt stated that she never had an affinity for cookies before a friend introduced Crumble to her.

Holt stated, “I became obsessed.”

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Hours for the store are 8 a.m.-10:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Crumble will post information on social media about the flavors it will be serving that week, even though the bakery is closed Sunday. Crumble offers its milk chocolate chip and chilled cookies as well as four other flavors every week from a selection of 250.

Holt stated that all the cookies were large as employees prepared for Friday’s opening. The employees practiced making the dough by measuring out exact quantities or using large silver mixers to make the dough. On Tuesday, Oatmeal Rolo and Rasberry Lemonade cookies were some of the items baked in the shop.

Holt stated that customers can view the entire process and that everything is made in-house.

Two ovens can bake 196 cookies simultaneously. A warmer makes sure all cookies, except those that have been chilled, are served to customers as if they were just out of the oven. Holt stated that the company never serves cookies older than two hours.

The cooler in front of the store contains containers of Crumble cream — ice cream made with cookie chunks.

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