An Overview of Concrete Pavement Services Available

Concrete pavement is essentially a layer of concrete on areas such as roads, sidewalks, playgrounds, canals, and parking and storage areas. It is also known as rigid pavement and is the topmost part of the surface that comes directly in contact with the traffic. The blockbuster reason for the high demand of concrete since years is only because of the durability of the material. Concrete pavement services have gain popularity over years as they have prove to be durable, long-lasting, and cost-efficient. They can withstand harsh natural elements, heavy loads, and chemical spillages, and have multiple benefits.

Types of concrete pavements

Closure of roads for resurfacing work can create chaos. This can be avoid with the usage of various concrete pavement that does not require repair and maintenance work for decades. Companies that provide concrete pavement services, broadly offer five types of concrete pavements. Each type of concrete pavement has its unique features and is selecte depending on the kind of project where it is to be use.

Jointed concrete pavement (JCP)

This system is use widely in the construction of roads both by municipalities and the department of transportation for its cost-effectiveness and durability. If the system is design well, the JCPs can be use without a hitch for more than 50 years. To prevent the creation of faults at the joints, dowel bars are use in this type of pavement. They uniformly balance the load without affecting the horizontal joint movements cause by expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature and moisture content within the slab. They also help the surface to withstand heavy loads and heavy traffic.

Continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP)

This type of concrete pavement experience transverse cracks that form naturally. So, for the CRCP system that the concrete pavement services provide, a reinforce steel bar is embedded along the entire length of the pavement. This is done to strengthen the pavement. Also, the steel bars limit the size of the transverse cracks and keep them shut. The resultant product is a smooth surface that can support heavy traffic movement and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Roller compacted concrete pavement (RCCP)

RCCP system is a non-reinforced concrete pavement in which high-density paving technologies are employed. These are then smoothen with vibratory rollers. Though it is essentially a type of concrete pavement, the technique use here by concrete pavement services is different than that use for traditional concrete pavement. It is most commonly use at high-load facilities such as freight terminals, warehouses, rail yards, ports, and areas with gigantic multimodal containers. It has gained popularity due to its low cost and speed of construction.

Concrete overlays

The system includes a thin coating that is cement-base that is apply over a concrete block. It is mostly use for repair and decorative purposes. The blemishes and the imperfections on a concrete slab can be covere with an overlay. The life of the concrete overlay depends on the standard of the concrete pavement services. The quality of the product and the sealer determines its longevity.

Pre-cast concrete pavements

They are ideal for projects that need to be execute without any delay. The pre-cast panels are pre-fabricate in a factory mostly using re-usable moulds and then place and secure at their designate space. However, they need extensive and accurate planning as the dimensions of the panels must match the slots at the project site. They have prove to be long-lasting and high-performance pavement solutions.

Nevertheless, for the reason mentione above cement is increasingly being use for highways and intra-city roads. It is widely use on roads, railway track beds, airport runways, and floors of storage facilities among others. With the advent of newer and more advance technology, the quality of concrete pavement services is getting better with newer benefits being offere with their latest products.

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