Can a Pregnant woman go for a spa massage?

If you are craving some pampering during pregnancy, what can be a better place than a spa center? There are many suitable spas for pregnant women that offer various services, from massage to pedicures and manicures.

Also, some special facilities, including foot spas and swimming pools, are suitable for pregnant women. Taking services from these types of spa centers while you are pregnant can make you feel relaxed in no time.

But a question arises when you can go to a spa during pregnancy.

Best time to go to a spa:

During second trimester will be the best time for a pregnant woman to go to a spa during pregnancy and enjoy a little indulgence. This time can be the best for a pregnant woman to enjoy all the offers that a spa can offer because, in this time period, you will feel more energy.

Many spas offer different services for a 12-week pregnant woman with certain exercises. But you may find that many spas will not allow you to have any of their services if you are 32 weeks pregnant or more.

What to search in spas if you are pregnant?

Try to find a spa center with certified professional therapists and staff that can handle a pregnant lady with care. It is because, during pregnancy, women need more care and attention. There are many changes that are happening in the body of a pregnant woman.

Booking online for treatment in a spa center can be the best and fastest option to book a treatment. But it is important to let them know that you are pregnant. Also, search for spa centers that have a special treatment menu for pregnancy.

What are the services that you can have in pregnancy?


Yes, you can have a prenatal massage in a spa center because it can be a great thing to have in pregnancy. Prenatal massage helps ease up aching back, sore hips, and stiff shoulders. It can also enhance your mood, relieve pain, and make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Also, choose a spa that offers a special massage for pregnant women. Because they will have a professional therapist with special training to handle a pregnant lady. So, they will know how to look after you in your pregnancy.

Moreover, a good massage therapist can give suggestions for massage techniques that your partner can perform to help you during labor.

However, you need extra care during this time, and if you plan to have an aromatherapy massage. So, it would be best to be careful while picking up the oil because some oils can be harmful to you in such situations. Make sure the therapist knows all about these things and not forget to tell them how weeks pregnant you are.


Your skin might become slightly more sensitive during pregnancy than on normal days. But, you can still enjoy facial treatments with some precautions and avoid certain products. Here are some products that you should have to avoid during pregnancy.

  • Heavy oils
  • Thick creams
  • Potent substances

Moreover, ensure your therapist is not using any retinoid product. Because retinoid products contain vitamin A, which speeds up cell division. Despite its anti-aging property, it can be harmful to your baby.

Hot tubs, steam, or sauna rooms:

Hot tubs, steam rooms, and sauna rooms are best to be avoided during pregnancy. Using any of these facilities during the first trimester of pregnancy can cause many congenital disabilities, hernias and can temporarily drop your blood pressure which can make you pass out or dizzy for a moment. It is because it contains the risk of overheating.

It would be best if you stayed away from hot water and the hydrotherapy pool. The ideal temperature for you is 32 degrees C to 35 degrees C if you want to take a bath or exercise in water.

Manicure and pedicure:

Little treatments like manicures and pedicures can make you happy because women like to polish their nails and clean their hands and feet. It is also acceptable to use nail polish and nail polish remover during pregnancy but occasionally.

Because if you use these things regularly, they can be harmful to you because it contains different chemicals. Moreover, you can ask your nail technician to use products which didn’t have any chemicals.

Also, during the 1st trimester, you must avoid using nail polish.

Body scrubs:

Body scrubs can be a nice thing during pregnancy because it is a great way to simulate blood circulation in all of your body. Also, it would be best to tell the practitioner that you are pregnant and deal with you gently.

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