Cab Booking App Development | Taxi Booking & Ride Sharing App Like Uber

We agreed that it is not the right time to invest in most businesses, but it is indeed one of the best times to prepare for your upcoming startup. So let’s talk about the ever-growing and popular cab booking app solutions like Uber and Lyft.

To streamline your US taxi operations, you first need an on-demand cab booking app. A cab booking app is the first requirement as it connects customers and drivers to streamline your US taxi booking business. For E.g. you can develop a cab booking app to streamline taxi traffic in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, California, etc.

Get the best cab booking app in the USA

So the first thing is to get your app designed and developed by the best cab booking app development company in the USA. To do this, you need to find the best on-demand app development company. With our current blog post, we will help you get the basic solution for taxi apps like Uber.

A taxi app booking solution needs the best features, the ones that are user-friendly and useful at the same time. Therefore, let’s discuss the main features that are necessary to run the best cabin operations in the USA.

Passenger App Features

  • Register/Social Media Login
  • Nearby Taxies on Map
  • Set Delivery Location
  • Send Ride Request
  • Live Tracking for Ride
  • In-App Payments
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Transaction History
  • Push Notifications

Driver App Features

  • Register/Social Media Login
  • Realtime Ride
  • Request on Map
  • Set Availability for Ride Requests
  • Profile Ratings & Reviews
  • Transaction History
  • Push Notifications

Admin Panel

  • Create Sub Admins
  • Drivers Management
  • Users Management
  • Vehicles Management
  • Block Drivers/Users
  • Manage Add/Edit/Delete
  • Transaction History
  • Content Management
  • Reports

Additional Features

  • Customized features
  • Brand logo/partner logo
  • Chatbot development
  • Rideshare
  • VoIP calls
  • Operational zone setup

So, with the above features, you can get an Uber-like cab booking app in the US. Primarily, we develop a tailor-made cab booking application for various types of businesses and startups.

Private hire/taxi business

As an owner, you need to upgrade your fleet of independent limousines, minicars or conventional taxis to get more rides and better commissions.

Association and car rental

Car rental and car sharing are still trendy. If you run such apps like cash app developed as a solution, more riders will sign up to increase your revenue.


Each business has an exclusive set of requirements. If you are a startup or an enterprise company, you must have a customized app for your business.

How are taxi booking companies surviving during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Depending on the country, the COVID-19 situation in taxi booking varies. As for the Uber taxi booking brand, the owner has tied up with core food and medicine delivery service brands in countries like the US and India. In fact, this is one of the fantastic things the taxi booking brand has done to help grocery stores fulfill their delivery slots.

How do we help startups and car rental owners?

Moon Technolabs is an on-demand application development hub. Be it delivery, booking or logistics; the brand has ready-made solutions that help business owners quickly set up and run their business. Additionally, our cab booking app solution like Uber and Lyft helps business owners quickly launch their taxi booking business. Our app’s features are also in line with most of the top cab booking app brands.

The final cost of cab booking app development

So the question remains, how much does it cost to create an app like Uber with all the features mentioned above? Well, as a general idea and considering all the details, developing a taxi app for one platform should take about 400-500 hours. Add to that 150 hours of design (app mockup, UI design, UX design) for a total of 550-650 hours. To calculate the cost, multiply this time frame by the resource charges. Which can be anywhere from $20 to $30.

An API will cost you $10,000 and a single platform app from around $11,000 to $20,000 depending on your choice of service and the iterations and variants it is tested with. Adding other features like weather updates, emergency assistance, or any other tool should increase that cost.

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