Breast Cancer Treatment in India

We all know how deadly and malicious breast cancer disease is. Therefore, the treatment should begin immediately as soon as it is detected without any delay. If luckily the preliminary stages symptoms are identified, the chances of battling out the breast cancer disease become higher. However, much also depends on the experience and knowledge of the oncologist surgeon who is treating the patient.

Choosing India for Breast Cancer Treatment/Surgery

The treatment of breast cancer is very extensive and prolonged. Previously, there was no such treatment for this disease, but with the advancement of science and research, the world has witnessed various advance treatment procedures for treating this disease. Also the excellent Indian cancer specialist and hospitals are not lacking behind.

According to the reports, patients from abroad are traveling to India for accurate cancer treatment as the entire procedure is conducted at a much lesser price as compared to the hospitals abroad. The metropolitan cities of India such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Hyderabad have some of the best specialty hospitals providing state of art facilities and an amiable environment at an affordable price.

Success Rate of Breast Cancer Treatment in India

The rate of success of cancer surgeries in India is about eight-five percent therefore the surgeries performed are highly advanced, which leads to a higher survival rate and quality of life. Apart from the low cost of cancer treatment in India, the availability of highly qualified and well-experienced oncology surgeons, the latest technology, and the world-class hospital has been some prominent factors in gaining popularity among breast cancer patients not only in India but all over the globe.

Diagnosis for Breast Cancer

The main objectives of breast cancer treatment are to stop the growth of the abnormal cancerous cells and not allow them to spread to the other parts of the body as well as kill the cancerous cell from the breast.

There are different types of cancers, which can occur to a person depending on the particular area or organ of the body. These can be breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer or brain tumor, etc. Many cancer shows various early  symptoms such as the development of a lump in the case of breast cancer. The woman also complains about mild pain in the affected area of her breast.

One of the effective techniques of early cancer detection is a biopsy procedure. Cancer is a life-threatening disease but it can be cured.

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Cost of Breast Cancer Treatment

While estimating breast cancer treatment costs, we must take into account the chemotherapy charge, which indeed is an essential part of the treatment. The patient has to undergo chemo sessions depending on the severity or the stage of the cancer.

The aim of chemotherapy is to destroy the malicious cells and stop them from multiplying. Apart from that, the oncologist may also recommend Магнитотерапия if required in the specific case. The cost of the medicines, hospital stay, and doctor’s fee is also included while calculating approximation costs. Therefore the cost of cancer treatment may depend on these factors.

Cut the Cost of Cancer Treatment Via Medical Tourism

Nowadays, the concept of medical tourism has gained prominence. It is a process where foreigners go abroad for their treatment at a lower cost without compromising the quality.

The breast cancer treatment cost in India is much lower than in various other medically developed countries like the USA and UK. The patients can save 50% to 60% of costs if they travel to India via medical tourism.


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