Best way to keep electric toothbrush charger in good condition?

The charging station for your electric toothbrush charger perfectly fits, reduces cables and makes sure your toothbrush is always recharge.

Why hasn’t anybody thought of this brilliant idea before? Our brand new electronic toothbrush charging caddy replaces any regular UK bathroom shaver socket, which instantly removes cable clutter and ensures your electric toothbrush will always be fully power.

This well-design and easy to put in idea is finish with stainless steel, which is rust-resistant. It can charge most electronic toothbrushes, including Oral B or Braun. Plus, you won’t have to deal with ugly charging leads ever again.

It’s a great British idea to arrange your bathroom and get rid of adaptors, and those unattractive two-pin chargers.

It is a must to have Colgate Smart Electronic toothbrush is equip with an induction charging.

Colgate firmware updates could include energy-saving technology Make sure that your device has the most current version of firmware.

  1. The charging station should be connect to an outlet and place it on the flat floor
  2. The brush should be place on the top of the charger
  3. It will be recharge upon contact as well as the light will flash.
  4. Within a minute after the tooth has been fully charge, its LED will turn off.

The entire charge can take around 12 hours.

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The LED of the tooth will show the battery’s level:

  • Green: The battery level is more than 50%.
  • Yellow: The battery levels are between 10 and 50%.
  • Red: The battery level is less than 10%.

It is recommend for the battery to be charge whenever the LED turns red. Utilize your Colgate Connect Smart Electronic toothbrush with a low battery could cause connectivity issues or the end in brushing time.

The app for Colgate Connect shows the battery’s level:

  1. Open the Colgate Connect App
  2. Make sure that your toothbrush is compatible with your device
  3. Set the settings of the toothbrush.
  4. Look up the section on the level of the battery.

If you intend to end your use of the brush for a long time frame We suggest the following:

  1. It should be charge to about 50 percent
  2. Remove it from outlet
  3. Remove the toothbrush to prevent further battery usage.
  4. Cleanse the toothbrush handles and heads
  5. Set your gadget in dry, cool and dark space
  6. If you are planning to store your device for an extend period of time, charge it up to 50% regularly

If you begin using your toothbrush after a lengthy period of time, you can place it in the charger and when the battery’s charge permits, pair it to your mobile.

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The answer to this question will be highly dependent on the specific electric toothbrush that you now own or want to purchase.

There are two primary varieties of electric toothbrushes: those that are driven by an internal battery and those that are power by detachable batteries, which are commonly AA size batteries.

A brush with a fix internal battery (as is more frequent in electric toothbrushes) will come with a charging station, which will be use to charge the brush. The style of the charging station will varies significantly depending on the brand. Essentially, the brush will have a small depression in the base that will accommodate the prong on the charging stand. This is the core premise. The brush is put on the charging stand, which is generally upright, and a wire running from the charging stand to the power outlet is connect to the brush.

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