Advantages of concrete pump for urban use



For any tangible business to remain successful, they must constantly think of ways to outperform their competition. Offering pumped concrete is one way to ensure you stay ahead of the crowd and offer your customers the most versatile concrete delivery methods. Not all construction sites offer easy access, so smaller and more maneuverable concrete pumps will allow you to reach more customers.

Make concrete delivery easier and faster with a concrete pump

A concrete pump allows companies to deliver concrete anywhere, regardless of where the location may be or how accessible it is. Concrete can be delivere far from the road, high up, underground or even from another building, thanks to the extendable boom attach to these machines. Because many pumps can deliver meters of concrete from the vehicle, it means construction companies can be more specific about where they want the concrete to be deliver.

Another advantage of using a concrete pump is that the spaces are not interrupted

by a heavy truck driving through them. Concrete can be order and deliver more efficiently without damaging any area of ​​the construction site. Construction sites are busy places at the best of times, with workers, vehicles and materials taking up space, and maneuvering in such an area can be difficult for the most experienced concrete pump operator. One pump ensures even delivery of concrete in the tightest spaces. The truck mounted pump is a perfect example. The truck mounted pump is available in various sizes and has a variety of boom options. Each concrete pump hire is manufactured to the highest specifications using wear-resistant materials, ensuring many years of reliable use and minimizing operating costs.

For companies looking for a more compact concrete pump,

the Urban Pump can be the perfect solution. It is the smallest truck-mount pump in this range, making it an excellent option for both isolate and confined spaces. The 15m extendable boom makes it possible to deliver concrete to the remotest or narrowest areas and can be extend up to 65m vertically and 300m horizontally. The Urban Pump is just one of the many concrete pump options that construction equipment companies offer today. It is important that concrete companies provide a service that can access small, medium and large construction sites in the same way, and that concrete pumping equipment meets all needs.

A very dangerous situation that you see from time to time in the concrete pumping industry is that people’s arms, fingers, etc. cutting. Remember that there are never any limbs in the reservoir, outlet valve or grease box while the pump is running. Most of these amputations are due to the operator thinking that everything is fine just because the remote is turn off. But they press the stop button on the remote, and then they put their arm or hand in a moving part of the pump, and then they lean against the pump or something, and the remote button is press, and their arms are cut off.

Before cleaning or repairing your concrete pump,

Be sure to read the pump manufacturer’s instruction manual. If you need to service the pump and have your hands near moving parts, always turn off the pump motor and remove the key and make sure all pressure is zero. Most pump companies will experience steady growth in their pump business over the coming summer months. This is a good time of year to service your pumps and equipment. More pumping work means more money. Remember to invest back in your equipment. Not getting a job and having an avoidable problem.

Check your hoses for wear points and holes in the hose.

Also check the hose ends, including the inside. Look for thin metal. Check your reduction gear and the ends of the reduction pipes. Periodically tap your reduction gears with a hammer. If the metal wears down a lot, you can actually hear a very strong “rattling”. When this happens, replace it. Here’s a little side note. Did you hear about the man who lost his sight because of the tornado in his face? His employer did not have an employee account and neither did the general contractor. Do not gamble in this business. People can get hurt and die.

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