Advantages of 125cc Bikes in India

If you are looking for an inexpensive motorcycle, you can look no further than a 125cc bike. These bikes offer good mileage, fuel efficiency, and ease of operation. They are also great for beginners and daily commuting. This article will look at the many advantages of this type of motorcycle.

125cc bikes are popular in India

The entry-level motorcycle segment in India is huge. However, the popularity of scooters in this segment does not seem to have a significant effect on the sales of commuter motorcycles in India. The 125cc segment has witnessed significant growth in recent years. These bikes are affordable and offer a reasonable amount of power and mileage.

Honda Shine 125 is the king of this segment with a 124cc single-cylinder air-cooled, fuel-injected engine. It produces 10.5 PS of power at 7500 RPM and 11 Nm of peak torque at 6000 RPM. The Shine comes equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The Honda SP 125 is another affordable 125cc bike in India. It has improved fuel efficiency and has a more streamlined and sporty look. It also offers disc brakes and alloy wheels. The SP 125 offers the segment’s first features, which include lower fuel consumption, better handling, and a lower ownership cost.

The Tuono V4 125 has the same look as the Tuono V4 1100, but has updated kit. It has peppy performance, some of the best handling in the segment, and decent mechanicals. It comes in MotoGP colors and has a remote keyless ignition.

They are fuel efficient

The 125cc bike segment is growing at a fast pace in India, with various automakers consistently introducing new models in this category. These bikes offer power, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance. Initially, it was thought that these bikes would replace the 100cc segment. However, this did not happen because of their fuel efficiency and high price.

The 125cc bike segment has a strong foothold in the Indian automotive industry, with both premium and standard bikes available. Typically, the mileage of these bikes is 50 to 60 KMPL. These figures vary depending on the company and model, but many are rated among the best motorcycles in India. For this reason, they have become a popular choice among many bike buyers. These bikes are also known for their stylish designs and fuel efficiency.

The Yamaha Saluto is the most affordable 125cc bike in India. Its air-cooled, 4-stroke, and 2-valve engine produces 8.2 BHP at 7000 rpm and 9.8 Nm at 4500 rpm. This bike also boasts a low weight at just 112kg and offers comfortable handling in heavy traffic.

In India, the 125cc bike is an ideal size for commuting. With an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 104 km per liter, it is one of the most fuel-efficient bikes available on the Indian market. It is also one of the most affordable bikes in the country, available for Rs 49,152 ex-showroom, Delhi.

The 125cc Ray ZR shares the same 125cc engine as the Fascino, and produces 8.2 hp at 6,500 rpm and 9.7 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm. It is similar to the TVS NTorq 125, but its fuel efficiency is slightly lower.

They offer good mileage

The 125cc segment is one of the most popular segments in India for two-wheelers. These bikes offer the right amount of power and mileage for Indian roads. They are also relatively affordable and fuel efficient. The market for these bikes is very competitive and different automakers are competing to give consumers a better option.

The Yamaha YZ125 is a great bike that is cheap and offers good mileage. Its price range is very reasonable and the bike is very easy to handle in crowded cities. The bike has a great look and boasts of features like a digital display, alloy wheels, a LED lamp, GRS suspension, and a 5-speed gearbox.

The Zeus offers good mileage in the city and on the highway. It gets about 55-65 mpg in the city, and 70+ on the highway. This is comparable to other bikes in this segment. You should also keep in mind that mileage depends on your riding style and conditions.

Hero Glamour is another fantastic bike that offers good mileage. This 125cc bike has a great look and a great engine. The price is slightly higher than other 125cc bikes, but it provides a smooth, sophisticated ride. The Hero Glamour was launched in Argentina before coming to India, but it has emerged as one of the top-selling bikes in the 125cc category. The Hero Glamour has a Made-in-India engine, which makes it a great choice in India. The bike is also BS-4 compliant, which makes it ideal for the Indian market.

Yamaha Saluto and Honda CB Shine are two of the most popular 125cc bikes in the Indian market. They both offer excellent mileage and are equipped with good features.

They are easy to ride

The 125cc bikes in India are designed with ease in mind. They are easy to ride and provide a good level of performance and fuel efficiency. The motorbikes are also affordable and provide good value for money. These bikes are ideal for new riders as they are lightweight and easy to handle.

If you’re a first-time rider, you should first try to learn how to ride on quiet roads, preferably two lanes. This way, you’ll get used to handling traffic and will be able to ride safely. You can also learn about basic maintenance and servicing.

One of the best 125cc bikes in India is the Suzuki GSX-R125. It’s an Indian-built bike that’s popular in Europe. It’s easy to ride and has a high power-to-weight ratio. It also has a remote keyless ignition and a sporty riding position.

The Yamaha Saluto is another 125cc bike with the same standard features. However, it’s unlikely to displace the Honda CB Shine, which is already the market leader. Another top bike in the 125cc class is the Hero Glamour, which was launched in Argentina and is now one of the best-selling 125cc bikes in India. It’s a BS-4 compliant bike and has an entirely Made in India engine.

TVS is an Indian company that has been known for its mopeds and scooters. The Phoenix is a typical entry into the 125cc range and is a great upgrade for scooter users. It has a wide dashboard similar to the moped models and has a sporty, yet youthful look. The graphics are also youthful and aimed at a younger target audience.

They are affordable

If you’re looking for a stylish, affordable 125cc bike, then the Hero Glamour BS6 may be the bike for you. This model comes with a stylish, chunky design and offers advanced technologies such as Bluetooth connectivity and an engine start/stop switch. It also boasts excellent mileage and comfort.

In terms of fuel economy, the Hero Splendor achieves 65 km per litre of petrol. It also offers eight bhp of power. It’s great for daily commute, but doesn’t have enough power for sports enthusiasts. 125cc bikes in India cost between 90,000 and a lakh rupees. They don’t require a lot of maintenance, but they do offer good performance and mileage.

125cc bikes are becoming increasingly popular in India. They’re easy to maintain, have a higher fuel economy, and are much cheaper than most cars. As a result, many two-wheeler manufacturers in India have focused on this segment of the market. Whether you’re a commuter or a luxury bike buyer, there’s a 125cc bike out there for you.

Another affordable 125cc bike is the TVS Raider 125. This home-grown two-wheeler boasts an air-cooled, three-valve 124.8-cc engine that delivers a maximum power output of 12 HP at 8,500 rpm. It also has a muscular fuel tank and split grail for a sporty look.

The CT125X offers basic features, including analogue instrument cluster, LED Daytime Running Lights, and a USB charger on the handlebar. It costs Rs 71,354 ex-showroom Delhi. It comes in Ebony Black with green decals.

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