A Complete Guide To CRISC Certification Training

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC): With CRISC certification, advance your career and gain a deeper comprehension of how IT risk affects your firm.

Become a CRISC to defend and safeguard your company’s current and future. The only credential that equips and qualifies IT, workers for the particular difficulties of enterprise risk management and positions them to collaborate strategically with the company is CRISC.

Advantages of CRISC

Experience the respect, accolades, and credibility that come with a track record of successfully managing business risk through strong IS controls.


The main objective of the crisc certification is to prepare participants to obtain certification through a formal approach to the “body of basic knowledge” to pass the CRISC exam.

The sessions are given by a group of exhibitors that have the CRISC certification, among others. In the sessions, experience is combined with theoretical knowledge and with the strategy of preparation and presentation of the exam in accordance with the Isaca certification approach to applying it.

A small group of participants is integrated, which allows timely monitoring of the needs of each applicant and sharing of experiences. An organized study method facilitates the learning of concepts that form the foundation of the CRISC exam.

The instructors and coordinators have vast experience, obtained both in their academic training and in the exercise of their professional activity at a national and international level.

Addressed to:

  • Professionals who manage, design, supervise or evaluate the information security and risk management program in the processes and infrastructure of an organization. Professionals are responsible for IT and Business risk management.
  • Professionals in charge of Risk and Compliance Governance in an organization.


  • Knowledge of IT, networks and/or telecommunications.
  • Higher Degree in Computer Science, Telecommunications and related university degrees.
  • Generic knowledge of the ICT Sector and related legislation.

Benefits of course

  • High-quality material endorsed by internationally accredited entities.
  • Certifications are valid internationally.
  • Facilities have fully equipped training rooms. Flexibility in the modality of teaching the courses, both face-to-face and via the Internet (remote with a live instructor) for those who cannot travel from their entity or place of work.

Study material

  • Participants receive teaching materials, ISACA CRISC exam preparation manual, exhibitor presentations, and supplemental material related to each exhibit topic.
  • Exam practises questions, explanations, and answers.

CRISC affects both your organization and your career.

The most recent and demanding certification for evaluating the risk management skills of IT specialists and other staff members inside an organization or financial institution is CRISC.

Those who earn the CRISC certification aid businesses in understanding business risk and have the technical know-how to put the proper IS controls in place.

The CRISC certification:

  • It denotes a symbol of prestige and for life, of knowledge and experience as a risk professional.
  • It gives you a competitive advantage over your peers when looking for job advancement; 
  • It raises your worth to the firm as it attempts to control IT risk. Through ISACA’s requirements for ongoing education and ethical conduct, it helps you reach high professional standards by providing access to the organization’s worldwide knowledge community and the most recent thinking on IT risk management.

Why do employers hire a CIRSC?

By exhibiting a quantifiable degree of knowledge, pursuing ongoing education, and abiding by an ethical code of conduct set by ISACA, CRISCs add more professionalism to any organization.

A CRISC partner should: 

  • Gain a deeper comprehension of how IT risk affects the enterprise as a whole.
  • Ensure the creation of more effective risk-reduction strategies.
  • Create a shared understanding of and vocabulary around IT risk that the company can use as a benchmark.

ISACA develops its certification programmes with input from a vast network of top experts. Isaca training is determining how IT risk is managed in the present and future business environments with access to specialists from around the world.

The CRISC attests to its proficiency in developing a well-defined, flexible risk management programme based on best practices to recognize, evaluate, rank, and respond to risks. This increases benefits realization and gives stakeholders the most value possible.


Isaca certification course is ideal for IT/IS security, risk, and audit professionals in the middle of their careers. Register right away for the revised CRISC test to show off your expertise in implementing best practices for governance and ongoing risk monitoring and reporting. Achieve higher trust with peers, stakeholders, and regulators while improving company resilience and stakeholder value.

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