8 Mind-Blowing Websites You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

I’m going to share eight mind blowing websites you probably didn’t know existed. Starting with the first website called Witeboard. There’s no H in the Witeboard. Right off the bat, when you go to witeboard.com, you can start drawing and explain anything. Let’s say you’re on a Zoom call, simply take out the little pencil tool and then start drawing and explaining anything you want, like this pretty ugly drawing of mine.

I Drew A Circle

Right off the bat, when I drew a circle, it basically fixed it up into a perfect circle like so. You can change it between the pencil tool, line tool, text tool, eraser or undoing, changing the colour as well. There are even shortcuts by simply pressing the L key. Top customer support cv writing service can switch between the pencil to the line and vice versa. Also the text tool by simply pressing T. And right off the bat, we can put in some text.


Now, by using Whiteboard, you no longer have to try to explain what you’re thinking to people online. Simply whip out Whiteboard and draw away. The next website is called Blush. And I can’t believe how I didn’t know about this sooner. What you can do is tell your stories using illustrations and it goes even further. You can customise the illustrations too.

Choose Your Category

Let me explain. By going to illustrations, choose your category. Let’s say work and you’re trying to explain something or use this in your presentations or on your website. Let’s say we want this one right here. Let’s go select this guy and click on edit. From here, we can customise further by changing the carpet. We can even change the table lamp and swap it over to popcorn if that’s what you fancy and go with a tea cup instead. And we can even change the pet.

If we aren’t big fans of dogs, we can swap it over to a cat. Clicking on the actual person, we can customise it even further. We can change the trousers that he’s wearing to let’s say, green or a different colour. We can even change the upper body to something like yoga hands. We can even change the hair colour and skin colour as well.

Illustration Or An Image

What we can do now is download this as an illustration or an image. Next up, have you ever wanted to create a website, but the thought of designing and installing themes and plugins just overwhelms you? Well, there’s a simple and easy to use tool called Carrd. Simply put, if you use Carrd you can create simple, free fully responsive one page sites for pretty much anything as stated on their website.

I created this in less than two minutes by simply choosing one of the templates, swapping it over to one of my images, then entering my name here and entering what I do and what I offer. It’s really easy to use. It’s as simple as choosing any element on the site. Let’s say the background, changing the colour and even changing the different types of patterns that you see.


The bat you can see the changes take effect. Once you are ready to publish and show this to the world all you need to do is go to publish. You need to of course create an account but you can go a step further and either choosing a carrd.co URL or if you want a custom domain name then you can select that. It is a pro feature. Otherwise, if you don’t mind a carrd.co URL, then you’re ready and set to go.

What Fonts Are They Using

Next up, have you ever visited a site and you wondered what platform is this site using? What fonts are they using? What theme and plugins are installed on the website? Well, there’s a tool or moreso a browser extension called Whatruns. Let’s take this website, for example, digitalmarketer.com. And you’re curious to know what platform they are using. Simply hover over the Whatruns plugin and then right at the bat it’ll load up and show the CMS or the platform.

Running WordPress

In this case, it’s running on WordPress. The theme that it’s using is ultimate conversion. I’m assuming that’s their own custom one. The plugins that they have installed, whether they have analytics installed, the fonts that they’ve got and any miscellaneous plugins and such. Now, there’s no guesswork. Whenever you visit a website, if you like a website and you wanna create a website similar to it then you use that Whatruns plugin and you’re all set.

What do you think about these websites so far? Let me know by giving this blog a thumbs up and now let’s continue. This next website allows you to download free stock blogs that you can use on your YouTube blogs, TikTok blogs, Instagram blogs, or anywhere else. It’s called Coverr.


Simply go to Coverr with the double r.co. Start searching or go through one of the categories. I’ve gone through the business and work category. At the very top, you will see some sponsored posts or ads. You can see it’s from Shutterstock, but if you scroll down these are the free ones that you can download and use on your let’s say YouTube blogs without getting any copyright claims. Coverr.co states that you can use it for commercial or personal use and you don’t need to credit the actual creator of the blogs.

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This next website is called Flourish. It’s going to allow you to turn your data into beautiful graphs and charts like what you are looking at right here. It’s animated and it looks a lot more interactive. You can choose from dozens and dozens of different templates like these bar charts and column charts. You’ve got these projection maps.

Scatter Maps

There’s also these scatter maps, 3D maps, hierarchy, line chart race, heat maps, radar and much more. So if you have any data that you want to present, then Flourish is a perfect tool for it. What’s more, once you’re done with your graph what you can do is export and publish and add it to your Canva presentation. This next tool, while we’re on the subject of charts and graphs is called Untools.


Whether you’re a CEO in a top firm, or you’re a student, this is going to help you figure out what framework to use. So by going through some of these frameworks, you can figure out which one’s right for your situation. Let’s say you wanna look at a decision from different perspective. You can use the Six Thinking Hats decision making framework. In this case, it tells you how to use it and it illustrates how to actually use it too. It also gives you an example. So, then you know how to apply this to your situation.

Productivity Frameworks

One of my favourite productivity frameworks is the Eisenhower Matrix. It allows you to prioritise all your to-dos and tasks so you know what’s important and urgent and what you can simply delegate and get rid of. It shows you how to use it, of course, and it shows you how the matrix works. You’ve got important urgent, important not urgent not important urgent and not important not urgent. So in this example, it says, finish a report that’s due. Send draught to a client.

Fix A Bug

This is important and urgent. Whereas something that’s not urgent and not important include things like attending a meeting with no agenda, reading #random and checking social media. All right, this next website is going to allow you to create blogs quickly and easily for content marketing or whatever purpose you want. It’s called Lumen5.

I Created Not Long Ago

All you need to do is copy and paste or type out the text that you want in your blogs. Like so. Click on convert to blog and then Lumen5 will use its AI to find out which background to best use for each of the points. I’m going to show you a quick preview of what I produced in a couple of minutes. I’ll click on preview and here it is.

Productivity Tool

It goes on for about 35 seconds and each one getting through each productivity tool. So, you get the idea. What you can also do is take it a step further and simply paste in a URL of your blog or article. And then, that’ll convert it into a blog. There are even more customization options such as increasing the length per slide as you can see and even adding a voiceover if that’s what you wanna do.

Adding Your Own Media

Plenty of other customization options such as adding your own media, pictures, blogs adding music, styling, and formatting too. You can change between a landscape, square, vertical or a story depending on where you’ll be posting your blog.

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